Maintaining Your Car

Maintaining your car is very important if you want your car to run properly and stay like new.Here are some maintenance tips.

Owning a car shouldn't mean that the car has to be repaired everytime you turn around. You can lessen the repairs and keep the car almost as new if you do maintenance on the car according to the car's warranty instructions. Failure to do the necessary maintenance will cause your car to fail before long and leave you stranded on the road side.

Taking your car for the required mile inspections that the manufacturer requests will keep your warranty from becoming void. This will also help when trying to re-sell your car later down the road if need be. The new owner can see that you took care of your vehicle.

You will want to make sure that you change your oil every 4,000 miles by using a new oil filter and an oil designed for your engine. Keeping antifreeze in your car all year round and checking the transmission fluid often are other ways for your car to remain in tip top shape. You can get an oil change at any oil and lube shop for around $10-$20, so there is no excuse for not having it done.

Filling your car with an high octane content fuel will keep the engine running cleaner. Do not let your gas tank ever go below the empty line. This will churn up sediments in the bottom of your gas tank. This causes parts of your engine and your spark plugs to become clogged, thus needing repair down the road.

If you hear any new sounds with your vehicle, have them checked out before it turns into a real problem. Don't wait until last minute when the damage is done.

Changing the tires when they become worn will keep your tires from going flat and you from having blowouts that can be dangerous. If your tires have a blowout at speeds in excess of 55 miles per hour, you can become involved in an accident and be severely injured, or cause others to become severely injured.

Taking care of a car just requires a bit of time,

and some common sense.

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