What Maintenance Does A Home Theater System Require?

What maintenance does a home theater system require? Maintenance with a home theater system basically includes regular cleaning of the components. Basically, the maintenance just comes down to opening the...

Basically, the maintenance just comes down to opening the component and cleaning the dust of. Over a period of time, depending on how big the system is, you have to open up the unit and blow the dust out. When dust builds on the components, it can short the system out.

If you have some type of electronic savvy, and you feel comfortable taking the top off, just blow some air into it. You don't have to touch anything. You just have to blow the dust off and put the top back on. That's good enough.

The cover only has about four to six screws in it so it's not really that complicated. Also with some units, they have a safety tape or safety marker to protect the unit against the warranty. If someone switches over the red tape or some type of seal that shouldn't be broken, they shouldn't open the unit. They should take it to the manufacturer or call the company who sold them the unit so that they don't break the warranty

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