How to Make an Acting Portfolio for College

If you are applying to a drama program at a college, having a well-designed, complete portfolio indicating past work is imperative to your acceptance. While a degree in theater is not necessary to become an actor, a degree can help you learn your craft and possibly open doors that otherwise would remain shut. Use your portfolio to highlight your experience and introduce the acceptance committee to your work. In addition to your portfolio, the department may require you to audition before accepting your application.

  1. Choose a photo to include in your portfolio. Syracuse University does not require professionally taken photographs but does request that the photo be of you alone. Check with your school to determine its photo requirements.

  2. Write your acting resume. Include any activities that you participated in for any productions. You may not have many productions to list but everything counts, even volunteer work such as stage setup and wardrobe help. List any previous classes relevant to a career as an actor such as music or voice lessons. Your resume should not be longer than one page, according to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

  3. Write a statement about why you want to become an actor. Keep your statement brief to no more than one page and to the point. College drama programs receive many applications. If your statement is longer than one page, the department may not read it.

  4. Compile your portfolio with your photograph on top and submit it to the college drama department.

Tips and Warnings

  • Include videos of past performances if requested by the admission committee.

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