How to Make Address Labels in Microsoft Word

By Bethany Culp

  • Overview

    Address labels can be used for a variety of purposes. Microsoft Word makes it simple for users to create address labels using preset printing properties designed to work with pre-cut, purchased labels. Using Microsoft Word can make creating neat and formatted address labels fast and easy.
    • Step 1

      Determine the size of the address labels that you would like to print. Note the brand and product number of the labels you intend to use in your printer. The brand name and product number is generally printed on the box of labels.
    • Step 2

      Open Microsoft Word and open a new document.

    • Step 3

      Select "Labels" from the "Tools" menu.
    • Step 4

      To select the size and shape of the label, click on the "Options" button. Word provides a list of label brands. Select the brand of label that you have for your printer. Then select the product number noted in Step 1.
    • Step 5

      To print a full page of a single address label, select the circle adjacent to "Full page of the same label." Select the circle next to "Single Label" to print address labels individually. If printing a single address label, select the row and column of the label in which you would like your text to print.
    • Step 6

      Type the address that you would like to appear on the label or labels in the text box of the window.
    • Step 7

      Click the "OK" button.
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