How To Make An Adult Fairy Costume

This easy to complete, no-sew, fairy costume for adults is inexpensive and a fun project. A little imaganationa, craft creativity and good use of on-hand supplies will result in a number of various types of fairies. Afterall, like snowflakes, no two fairies are alike.

Dressing up as a fairy for Halloween or to make a little one's birthday party special is an easy and fun project. This costume permits a great deal of artistic creativity; from simple to advanced; you select. Raid the closet, attic or basement for clothing and craft odds and ends, add a few inexpensive items plus a little time and the results will please the most discerning costume critic.


Floral Wire

Silk Flowers and Leaves

Hot Glue



Poster Board

Aluminum Foil

Curling Ribbon

White Metal Coat Hangers

Queen Size White Nylons

Pipe Cleaners


Old Full-length Skirt

Leotard (any color will do)

Matching Tights

Ballet Shoes or Slippers

Body Glitter (optional)

Silk Butterflies (optional)

Jingle Bells (Optional)

Confetti (Optional)

Fairy Crown Assembly:

Create a crown from floral wire to fit around and rest on your head. Overlap and twist lengths of wire to the desired thickness; about three or four overlapping rings.

Using a hot glue gun, attach silk flowers and leaves to the crown. Add a bit of glitter for a sparkling affect or top with butterflies to create a Shakespearean wood pixie.

Keep secured to your head with bobby pins.

Fairy Wand Assembly:

Cut two stars from poster board and wrap in aluminum foil. Glue to a wooden dowel. Add curling ribbon cascading from the bottom of the star. Add a few jingle bells to the curling ribbon to announce your magical entrance.

Fairy Wing Assembly:

Keep in mind that fairy wings are small and similar to a butterfly - nothing too large or you'll be mistaken for an angel. Stretch out a white metal coat hanger to a wing shape; an easy shape is half a heart or oblong to resemble a dragonfly's wings. Check the size of the wings; perhaps two sets of small wings work better than one large set. Cut the legs off a queen size pair of white nylons and stretch over the wing shape. Twist white pipe cleaners over portions of the wing frame to tighten the nylons over the wing's shape. Hot glue the nylons to the white metal hanger to hold in place. To hide problems such as the nylon running, or just to add a special touch, apply glitter, ribbon or flowers.

Fairy Skirt Assembly:

Using an old full length skirt, cut two inch strips from the bottom to the mid thigh. Cut a few to shorter lengths. Hot glue flowers to every other strip, adding glitter to grab attention.

To create a puffy skirt, add tulle (from a craft store) to the inside of a skirt. Velcro strips, one on the inside of the skirt and one on the length of tulle will hold it in place. Be certain you can move, spin and twirl without loosing the skirt before heading out.

Costume Assembly:

Match the skirt with tights, a leotard and ballet shoes or slippers. Attach the wings to the back of the leotard with safety pins. Adorn your head with the crown and apply bright, sparkly body glitter and makeup. Don't forget the wand!

Be prepared for requests for extraordinary fairy magic so have some pixie confetti ready.

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