How To Make Balloon Animals- The Mouse

Learn how to create a balloon mouse.

Creating a balloon art mouse is not near as difficult as making the balloon dog, which as you all know is the balloon animal mascot.

1. Blow up your balloon leaving around a 7 inch tail on the balloon. Tie it off.

2. Twist a 1-inch bubble at the tied end. While holding that twist, make another twist about 4 inches down from the first twist.

3. Bring the 2nd twist back around to the first and lock them together.

4. Make another 4 inch bubble, and fold that twist around and lock it where the other 2 bubbles are locked. You now have the nose and 2 ears.

5. Make 3 1-inch bubbles. Lock the last twist with the first one you just made in this step. You now have a neck and the front legs.

6. Move down from the last lock and make 2 1-inch bubbles, lock the 2nd twist you made back with the lock you used for the front legs.

Now, you have a mouse!

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