How To Make A Balloon Animals: Elephant

Making balloon art is simple, but once you learn how to twist and lock, where are all the patterns? Here is the pattern for the elephant.

With most balloon animals, you will start twisting the balloon at the front and work your way to the tail end. In the case of the elephant, however, you do not. You start twisting at the tail end and move your way to the trunk.

Here are the series of twists and locks you need to make to create a balloon art elephant.

1. Blow up the balloon leaving around a 7 to 8 inch tail.

2. From the tied end, twist 3 1-inch bubbles.

3. Lock the 1st twist and the 3rd twist together. This makes the tail end and the 2 back legs.

4. Twist 1 2-inch bubble and 2 1-inch bubbles.

5. Again, lock the first twist after the 2 inch bubble with the last twist. This will create the back of the elephant and the 2 front legs.

6. Try to force some air down into the tail just to make the balloon a bit more pliable for the ears.

7. Twist up to half of the remaining balloon into one bubble.

8. Fold it around and lock it to the top of the twists of the front legs. This creates your first ear.

9. Twist the remaning balloon, leaving a one inch bubble at the end.

10. Bend the second ear around and lock the twist at the same place as the last ear.

11. Twist the remaining one inch bubble around to the front. This creates the head and trunk.

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