How To Make Beaded Jewelry For Your Wedding

Make wedding jewelry yourself with this handy guide. Includes what to buy, simple beading techniques, and expert tips to avoid common mistakes.

Looking for unique beaded jewelry for your wedding? Make it yourself with this handy guide. Includes what to buy, simple beading techniques, and expert tips to avoid common mistakes.

What to buy:







Pick out your beads first. Since these are for wedding jewelry, pearls are highly recommended. Faux or real is up to you, either will do. You don't have to use just pearls, you can also use accent beads. If your wedding colors are purple and blue you could have a few purple and blue beads amongst the pearls. A gorgeous combination are pearls with clear silver lined beads. That way you have some sparkle with the simple elegance of the pearls. Whatever you pick out make sure you love it. That's what is most important.

Now that you have your beads you need your beading materials. If you picked out beads with fairly large holes then most any small sewing needle will do. However, if you picked out seed beads you will need to buy a needle made for seed beads. These are very thin and will fit through seed beads as well as any other type bead. These needles can be difficult to thread but most also come with a threader (small metal object with a loop of wire to help pull the thread through the eye of the needle).

Hand-quilting thread is the strongest thread that is still thin enough to fit through a beading needle easily. Upholstery thread is the absolute best, though difficult to get through the eye of the needle. All purpose thread is okay but some brands make low quality all purpose thread which is likely to break.

You will need clasps. Buy what you like whether it be toggle, lobster, spring ring, barrel, etc. If you are really concerned about the jewelry being secured properly then buy either lobster or spring ring clasps with jump rings (the little metal circles the clasp attaches to).

Glue is needed to secure the knots on either end that are tied to the clasp and jump ring. Regular white craft glue is fine. For an extra strong hold use super glue.

Scissors are obviously for cutting the thread. You can use whatever scissors you have on hand, but for cutting the excess thread from the finished jewelry you will want pointed end scissors. Nail cutters will work too.

Making the jewelry:

Now that you have your materials you're ready to get started. First thread your needle. There's no need to cut the thread from the spool yet. Start stringing your beads. You can do a very simple strand of beads or something more complicated like dangles. To make a dangle you start off with some beads, then you come back through the second to last bead. You can dangle a few beads or make lots of long fringe like dangles. It all depends on the number of beads you use. For something special try flowers. Start out with five beads. Then run the needle and thread back through the first bead. Add two more beads and run the needle and thread through the forth bead. You now have a flower. You could make an entire necklace of pearl flowers or combine the other techniques for a truly unique look. Once you have made a long enough piece (necklace is generally 16 inches, bracelets are usually around 7 inches, if you have custom measurements for those the jewelry is being made for then use that) get a clasp and tie it to the end. You'll want to use at least a double knot. On the other end, cut the thread leaving at least three inches of bare thread so you will have enough to tie a knot with. Tie on the jump ring (little circle) with at least a double knot. Don't cut the excess thread yet. Dab a little bit of glue on each knot and let dry. Once dry, come back with a pair of sharp scissors and cut off the excess. You are now done!

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