How Do You Make A Bevel Cut Glass Design?

How do you make a bevel cut glass design? Making bevel cut glass designs is a simple process. In an older home, or even an apartment, you might find full-length beveled cut glass designed mirrors on bedroom...

In an older home, or even an apartment, you might find full-length beveled cut glass designed mirrors on bedroom closet doors, and even in the bathroom. In certain light and at certain angles, the glass will created prisms or play with images reflected, which is precisely what beveled glass is supposed to do, according to Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia.

The colorful spectrum works because of the way beveled glass is made, Wikipedia says. Usually a one-quarter inch thick piece of clear glass is used. One-inch bevels are then created on both sides and around the periphery. The bevels act as prisms, highlighting the clear glass, and providing a spectrum normally absent on it.

You can get beveled glass in clusters, Wikipedia says. These clusters can be arranged to create specific designs.

"The most popular of cut glass designs are the contemporary moderate type designs," says David Dillon, owner of Austin Cut Glass of Austin, Texas, who has been in business for 25 years.

At the Austin Cut Glass website ( anyone interested in making beveled cut glass designs can see examples of the range those designs can take.

Contemporary designs feature sharper angles in the clusters of glass, using combinations of triangles, rectangles, and diamond shapes, not unlike a modern abstract painting by Mondrian.

"Most of the contemporary designs have a bevel cluster," Dillon says.

Designs using bevel clusters can vary from simple three- or four-piece designs to complex multipiece designs often used for doors or side screens, Wikipedia says. While clear glass is commonly used with bevel cut pieces, the pieces can have a stained glass affect as well when bonded to float glass and applying adhesive lead strips.

No matter how complex a piece you want to make, the design needs a focal point, Dillon says. Often when people design a bevel cut piece they use the clusters as a focal point.
Ideas for patterns, he says, may be found anywhere. The idea for the focal point might be found on the surface where the panels will be placed, such as a door or window.
"They might even see a pre-made bevel cluster and they like it so they'll use it as a focal point," he says. "Bevel clusters are a lot of times pre-made. You can buy numerous different types of clusters."

Depending on size and shape, the clusters aren't very expensive. Some online stores offer even lower prices for buying in quantity. At one online store, Warner Crivellaro, a single 2-inch square bevel cluster was priced at 48 cents. A more ornate diamond-shaped turquoise cluster was priced at $9.76 for a single piece.

And it's the designer's choice as to whether the beveled glass piece is clear or obscure, Dillon says. "They may pick out a background glass depending on if they want it to be obscure or clear, depending on what they want to see."
The last step in making the glass is adding a border, he says. "You need some type of a border glass to make to make a complete window."

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