How to Make a Bookcase Bed Frame

By Wade Shaddy

The term "bookcase" in reference to a bed frame refers to style. It doesn't mean that the bookcase is necessarily used to store books, but they do fit there. This type of headboard has a single open shelf that can be used for books, home decor or anything you wish to store or display. It is a common design that can be found almost anywhere bed frames are sold, and is easy to build. Start out by building a pine bookcase headboard for a queen-size bed.

List of Items Needed

  • 2 pieces pine, 3/4-by-11-by-40-inches
  • Glue
  • 2 pieces pine, 3/4-by-11-by-60 1/2-inches
  • Pin nailer
  • Pin nails 1 1/4-inches
  • Tape measure
  • Screw gun
  • Wood screws, 1-inch, with washers
  1. Stand the two 40-inch pieces of pine on their edges on a flat surface parallel to each other, 62 inches apart.

  2. Smear glue on both ends of one of the 60 1/2-inch pieces. Stand it on its side flush on one end between the two 40-inch pieces for a top to the bookcase. Use a pin nailer to shoot pin nails through the sides of the 40-inch pieces to secure the top to the sides.

  3. Measure up from the bottom of the bookcase 24 inches and make a mark on both sides. Smear glue on the ends of the other piece of 60 1/2-inch hardwood. Insert it between the two 40-inch pieces centered on the 24-inch marks.

  4. Shoot pin nails through the sides, into the 60 1/2-inch pieces to secure the bottom shelf of the bookcase.

  5. Stand the bookcase headboard up on its legs over the top of the bed frame. There should be two brackets on the bed frame that will sit flush against the inside of the upright legs. Reach under with a cordless screw gun and 1-inch screws with washers and screw the bed frame to the bookcase headboard.

Tips and Warnings

  • Sand, stain and lacquer the headboard before installing it on the bed if desired. But since the headboard is pine, it can also be finished with lacquer only to preserve the natural rustic beauty of pine. For a beefed-up bookcase headboard, build and install a face-frame on the headboard similar to what cabinets use.
  • For added strength, you can bolt the frame to the headboard with lag bolts if desired. And it's a good idea to measure the frame of the bed before cutting the pieces to size to make sure they fit your particular frame tightly.

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