How To Make Books For Small Kids

Learn how to make books for samll kids. Many a times it is difficult to find books that cater to our kids' specific needs. The inexpensive alternative for this is to make them at home.

Kids, especially small kids love to have unusual books. Their curiosity for new information is never ending. Many a times it is difficult to find books with a theme that we want to introduce to our kids, they are either costly or not age-appropriate.

Here are few tips to make interesting books with less cost. You need not be an artist to make these.

These books have many advantages. They are inexpensive and easy to create so you can have as many books as you want. They are custom-made so they cater to your child's specific needs. Once the purpose of the book is served the new books can replace them easily. All you need is to spend some time making them.


Poster board

Various colored craft paper

Watercolor markers


Paper fasteners

Old magazines

Big books

To make big books cut poster board into 4 to 6 pieces each of 12" by 10" size.

Have a theme like vegetables & fruits or animals and birds.

Cut the pictures from old magazines and stick them to the pages.

For each picture write few lines describing it.

Make colored craft paper cover.

Fasten all the pages with the paper fasteners or sew them.

Small books

Kids love books that are smaller than the normal books.

To make small books cut poster board into 3" by 3" pieces.

Stick one picture per page.

Write one word or a line describing it.

Lift a page book

Cut desired size pieces of poster board.

Cut 2" by 2" pieces.

Stick small pieces to the pages so that they can be lifted.

Write something interesting under those flaps.

Again magazine pictures or various shapes from craft paper can be used to create a theme for the book.

You can type in text, take a printout and then cut and paste it into the book. Since the text is printed it is easy to read. This is helpful for the kids who are learning to read.

Try to personalize these books by naming them as Ted's book of fruits or Ted's home etc. Children love to see their name in print.

Some suggested themes are:

Vegetables, fruits, Animals, birds, Insects, fish, Trees, flowers, Baby animals, Toys

Musical instruments, Vehicles, Work place, School, Alphabets and numbers, House etc

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