Make burnable painted candles

Learn how painted candles can spruce up old candles. Includes directions on how to add a painted design to a candle.

Making a burnable painted candle does not have to be difficult. There is really no special painting or drawing talent needed and anyone can do it. Candles to be painted on can be homemade or bought. The wide variety of paint available allows the candle "artist" to add texture and shine to their creations. Paint ranges from plain colors to metallic shades. Painted candles are a way to create a candle without having to actually make the candle.

Painting on candles can spruce up old candles or cover scratches. It can add personalization or pep to a candle that is to be given as a gift. Because painting candles can cover up any imperfections, it is a great use for yard sale candles or old candles that have been damaged. Lighter colored candles are the easiest to paint on, but any color can be used. Just keep in mind the candle color when selecting paint. Turn an old candle into something new by adding a little paint.

From a quick 10 minute project to a week long painting frenzy, painting a candle can take as much or as little time as you like. For the beginning candle "artist" small, simple designs are the best. As you become more experienced you can try out designs that are more detailed. The technique described here is for adding a stenciled design, but freehand drawing works as well.



Acrylic paints

Paint brush



Rubbing alcohol



1)To prepare the candle for painting wipe it down with rubbing alcohol and let it dry before beginning to paint on it.

2)Position the stencil and trace it with a pencil. This should leave a slight indentation of the stencil in the candle. Go over any part that needs it so you can clearly see the outline when the stencil is removed.

3)If you make a mistake while painting immediately use a q-tip to wipe away. Avoid painting the top of the candle around the wick.

4)Finish with a light clear paint or varnish to seal design, if desired.

5)When candle is completely dry, light and enjoy!

** For those who really just want to change the overall look of the candle a complete cover with paint will work. To do that just dip a small sponge, like a makeup sponge, in the paint and dab all over the candle. Let that dry and repeat as needed to cover up original candle color. Finish it off with a coat of varnish. Let it dry completely before lighting.

Your painted candle creations should burn as they normally would before painting. If you would like to preserve the design on the candle, let the candle burn a hole down the middle and place a tealight inside. Try different designs and colors on any candle that needs reviving. Use paint to make candles match the decor of your home or create a special candle for a friend. You can paint words or designs in addition to pictures on candles. Let your imagination and creativity drive you to create many painted candle projects.

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