How to Make a Business Card in InDesign

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  • Overview

    Making your own business cards can be a smart and economical way of getting your name out there. InDesign is a publishing program that is part of the Adobe Creative Suite. It allows you to design everything from pamphlets to newspaper pages. Using this program and a little imagination, you can create business cards that you can either take to a print shop or print on your own home computer.
    • Step 1

      Create a new document in InDesign by clicking "Command" or "Control + N."
    • Step 2

      Set the document size to 3.5 by 2.5 inches.

    • Step 3

      Create a text box using the Text Tool (which you can call up by clicking "T").
    • Step 4

      Select your font. A serif font offers a more classic look, while a sans-serif font has more of a modern look.
    • Step 5

      Set the font at about "20 pt." Type your name in this font. Your name should be the biggest piece of information on the card.
    • Step 6

      Place your name in the center of the card.
    • Step 7

      Create another text box and place it in a corner of the card. It is important to keep at least 1/8 of an inch away from the edges of the card. This will create a margin around the card.
    • Step 8

      Fill that text box with your information. You can also split your information up into several text boxes and place them at different corners of the business card.
    • Step 9

      Once you have finished your design, go to "File" and "Export." Save the file as a Press Quality .pdf. From there, you can take the .pdf file and save it to a disk.
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    • Tip: While printing at home is also an option, it may be easier to take the .pdf file to a print shop. Ask them to repeat the image and print it on cardstock. Many print shops will also cut the cards for you.

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