How to Make a Business Card Using Microsoft Word

By Randall Shatto

  • Overview

    Business cards are an inexpensive method for advertising your company. They can be costly if you outsource the design and printing process. However, you can create professional business cards directly from Microsoft Word. Almost every company has this word processing program available. With a catchy color scheme and a memorable slogan, your business cards can bring in new clients. Even existing customers can use your business cards for repeat dealings.
    • Step 1

      Download and open the business card template. There are various types and styles you can choose. Explore free templates to locate the one that fits your company's needs. To open the template, locate the download and click on the file. Microsoft Word will launch and the template will display.
    • Step 2

      Change the text on the business card template. Writing the text first will assist in determining the logo space as well as background colors. Click the "Home" tab. This will bring you to several options regarding fonts, color and style. In the "Font" tab, you can decide upon the style, size and color. You may choose your company's name in a larger font, then downsize for your personal information. In addition, you can even go smaller for your company's slogan. Hover your mouse over the options to receive an explanation of each choice. To change the text color, click on the image of the letter with a color bar underneath.

    • Step 3

      Add your company's logo or image. Click on the "Insert" tag on the toolbar at the top of the screen. Choose "Clip Art" or "Picture" to add your image. The clip art will allow you to view all of the Microsoft Word stock photos as well as any downloadable clip art. The picture selection will bring a browser of your computer files up. You can search for any picture you wish to display. Once you have your image on the business card, you can change positions or fit it. Click "Format" in the toolbar. To resize the image, use the "Size" label. When you change this, your picture will resize automatically. Therefore, you will be able to see if the image fits. Use the "Position" tab to place the picture on top or in the middle. Several options are available regarding the position of the image.
    • Step 4

      Choose a background color or texture. The background requirement is light colors. You want the text and image to stand out and have a simple backdrop. Click "Page Layout" to view the color schemes. In the "Page Background" section, click on "Page Color." You have several stock colors to choose. Click "More Colors" to customize a specific style. If you want a texture for the backdrop, click "Fill Effects" in the "Page Color" tab. You can decide upon a mixture of one or two colors. You may choose a stock texture. There are also picture options and patterns that you can display.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Business card template
    • Digital images
    • Tip: Try out different colors, pictures and backgrounds to create the most effective business card for your company.

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