How to Make Business Cards in Microsoft Word

By Randall Shatto

  • Overview

    Business cards are an important tool for your company. You can promote and create contacts with a simple card; using Microsoft word to design and build your client base is an excellent resource.
    • Step 1

      View and download free business card templates. This will get you started. A template can be changed to any specification that you choose, but this way you will be able to start without having to make the dimensions of the business card by hand.
    • Step 2

      Click on the template in the download folder. This will bring up the template in Microsoft Word. Some may have instructions on changing the text, pictures or font--others may not.

    • Step 3

      View the top toolbar. Click on the "Format" option. You will see different filling and shape selections. Choose "Text Box Styles." On the right-hand side of that option, you have "Shape Fill." Click on the arrow that is pointing down to choose the background color of the business cards. Click on the background of your card, and then insert the color of your choice.
    • Step 4

      Download clip art or your logo. Click on "Insert" on the top toolbar. Then open "Clip Art." A small screen will appear on the right-hand side. You can search for your art by name or scan your computer to bring up all the clip art. Click on the picture you wish to add to the business cards. You can change the height and width of the picture. Crop the picture to your specifications, then use your mouse to drag the picture onto your business card. You can place it in the center, left, right or bottom of the business card.
    • Step 5

      Change the text. Your information is the most important part of the business card. Remember to include your name, company, address and telephone number. You may also decide to place an email address or your company website on the card. With the templates, you can click on the text and simply change it. In the toolbar, you can change the font. Click on the arrow and a drop-down menu of different fonts will appear. Choose the font, then the size, which is directly next to the font. In that same group of options, you will notice a picture of a capital A with a color line below it. That is your font color. Change that as needed.
    • Skill: Moderate
    • Ingredients:
    • Templates
    • Tip: You can email the business cards directly from Microsoft Word. You can also print your business cards from your printer. If you decide to print them from your computer, purchase business card printing paper. This is more durable and made for business cards.

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