How To Make A Butterfly And Flowers Wall Swag

You won't believe how simple it is to make a wall swag with flowers and butterflies. The look is great for almost any room.

Do you love butterflies and flowers? Most women do. They bring a little of the outdoors into your home. If you have quite a collection of butterflies and flowers you can make a beautiful wall arrangement for a bedroom, living room or even a bath. If you don't have any you can purchase some rather inexpensively depending upon the type you choose. This project can be as elegant or as simple as you wish. You'll need twigs, butterflies, silk flowers along with your choice of other decorations.

Cut thin green limbs from a small tree; long limbs are the best. You can also purchase branches from a craft store. Arrange the limbs in many different ways. Braid them together before shaping them across an entire wall or entwine them with ribbon to go over the top of a door. The longer the branches the larger the arrangement can be made. Use small nails or tacks to hold them in place. Leave the little sprigs that grow outward from the twigs. If the twigs are mostly smaller pieces arrange one on the wall then butt the next one in front of it. Cover the area where you butted the two together with a butterfly or flower.

Don't just go straight across the wall with the twigs. Go upward then let the vine travel downward, twisting and looping. Or arrange them standing straight up on the wall as they would appear in a garden. Use different shapes and sizes for that arrangement rather than have all the branches the same size. After you have the initial design made with the green twigs it's time to add the flowers and butterflies. Place the flowers close to the twigs as well as on them. Use single flowers or small bunches of flowers and leaves. Tuck small amounts of Spanish moss here and there to add even more interest. You can even place a few craft robin eggs in the Spanish moss to look like a bird's nest. Place some butterflies on the branches, some on a few flowers and some of them simply fluttering around the wall.

Tiny mirror pieces add light to the arrangement. Simply peel and stick them to random areas on the wall. You can enhance the look of the total project by using small ladybugs, ants or other crafting crawlers.

It's entirely up to you how many flowers and butterflies to use and what colors to implement. Make it as colorful as you wish or stick with one or two floral colors with three or four colors of butterflies. It's also up to you how many branches and twigs to use. You can start out with three to six twigs and position them to "grow†at different angles on the wall. Use small twigs to allow the arrangement to branch off in other directions.

The project looks great on a large wall, over a doorway or as an upper boarder against paint or wallpaper. Or try doing an arrangement around a plain oval mirror. The project is extremely versatile. It looks just as great in a little girl's room as it does in the main living area.

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