How to Make Cash on the Street

By Victoria Ries

  • Overview

    No, not by being a hooker, street walker, prostitute or lady of the night. Making cash on the street has become an essential part of some people's day due to the economy crunch. Making a few dollars on the street is bridging the gap between no food on the table and some food, keeping the wolf from the door and feeding a hungry family.
  • Location

    • Step 1

      Find a location where there is heavy pedestrian traffic such as the city square or a busy high street. More people mean more donations to your cause. Weekends are busy with shoppers and Saturday is a good day to try making some cash on the street.

    • Step 2

      Make sure you do not smell of alcohol or smoke while panhandling; people are unwilling to give to people who aren't trying to help themselves. Comb your hair and look clean even if you have to wear cheap clothes.
    • Step 3

      Sing for your supper if you can. Sing and play the guitar and have a family member tap a tambourine. Money can be made while busking, if you take the job seriously. Make certain that you sing some catchy melody and smile and look as if you enjoy what you're doing. Lay an open guitar case in front of where you are performing so folks can toss coins and paper money in it to show their appreciation. People often feel good when they give to the less fortunate, so don't feel guilty.
    • Step 4

      Advertise your cause by making a cardboard sign stating "Laid Off," "Family to Feed," "Homeless"--whatever is making you resort to begging for money, or playing for your supper, in your particular case, let the people know. Don't be afraid to hold out a tin or a hat for people to toss money into; it's better than starving to death. Always smile and say "thank you" when people give money to you.
    • Step 5

      Set up a folding chair for customers to have their faces painted. Face-paint and spray hair color that washes right out again is available at craft stores everywhere. Charge enough to cover your supplies and your time and you'll be in business.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Guitar
    • Guitar case
    • Tambourine
    • Pan
    • Tip: Try to work in pairs to keep safe, especially if you are female.
    • Warning:
    • If you get harassed by someone either ignore him or move your location.
    • Panhandling is illegal in most states--check state laws before attempting these ideas. Permits are also often required for busking in certain locations--be aware of the local laws.

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