How To Make Clothing: Beach Wraps

How to make clothing for the beach out of towels. Convert a towel into a beach wrap skirt for girls and women.

This beach accessory project is simple to make whether you know how to sew or not and is fun to do on your own or with your child. The best thing about it is you don't have to worry about a towel slipping from your hips when carrying an armload of beach toys, sunglasses, or other swimming necessities, or be concerned about leaving wet spots on the seat of your car after taking a dip.

To begin with, you'll need one terry cloth towel, preferably, one that matches your swimming ensemble. It's especially preferable for the color coordination minded. It should be able to wrap around your frame one and a half times. If you're larger, a beach towel is perfect. For smaller frames, cut a towel down to the correct size. Don't worry about any fraying edges. Terry cloth looks great when it frays, but if you like neat edges, you can cover up the cover up with a bit of trim.

To fasten your beach wrap skirt, you'll also need to have on hand two two-inch long Velcro strips. For those of you who sew, a needle and thread or a sewing machine is necessary. For those of you who don't sew, you'll need either fabric glue or two two- inch long iron-on adhesive strips. Be certain that when buying fabric glues or iron-on adhesive strips to note whether they're washable as well as wearable.

If you're familiar with wrap around skirts and how they snap or button, then you're probably ahead of the instructions at this point. If not, we'll lay the directions out for you so you'll know where to attach the fasteners.

Locate the front side of the under most layer of the skirt. It'll most likely be toward the edge of the towel on the top. You'll need to either glue or sew in place the fuzzy side of one Velcro strip. Once finished, affix the sticky side of one Velcro strip directly across from its position. It shouldn't be apparent on the outside of the wrap, but on the inside either on the right side of your belly button or near your right hip.

To place the remaining Velcro strip, locate the inside edge of the upper most layer. It should meet with the skirt at your left hip. Attach the sticky side of the Velcro strip there and directly across from it, the fuzzy side.

Voila! A beach wrap to wear out in public. But, what of those frayed edges? To cover them up, measure the area to be trimmed for the length of trim you'll need. Then, take a two to four inch ribbon or a plain strip of fabric, fold over the cut end, and either sew or glue into place. To add some fun and embellishment to your skirt, select tropical prints for a Hawaiian feel or colorful dots for silly appeal. If you're feeling a little adventuresome, think about applying appliques to the skirt such as daisies, smile faces, sunshine, seashells, or starfish.

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