Make A Coffee Filter Angel

Cute angels made from coffee filters and other craft items. Simple to make would be a great project to make with your kids.

I love using items that I have around my home to turn into craft ideas. These are angels made from ordinary coffee filters, they look great hanging on a Christmas tree. These are quick and simple to make, enlist your children's help, at least with the final decorating part.

To make each angel you will need;

3 coffee filters (I purchase mine at a local dollar store, I can get a large package for $1.00)

1 1-inch styrofoam ball

mini curly doll hair (this can be purchased at any department store or craft store in a variety of colors)

4 inches of natural colored paper twist (again can be purchased at any department store or craft shop)

a tube of glitter glue (this comes in various colors and is available in the stationary section of most department stores. You can substitute just regular glitter and glue here, but the tubes are much neater)

various mini assorted trims such as; mini pine garland, mini star garland, a string of mini lights, 1/8 inch ribbons

tacky glue and hot glue

To make your angel; center your styrofoam ball on one of the coffee filters. Gather the filter tightly around the ball. Wrap a heavy thread or string around the filter directly under the ball, tie off. Be sure to leave your "tails" long enough to form your hanger. Knot together your "tails" to form your hanger. (You can substitute fishing line here also)

Twist center of your second coffee filter into a point. Glue this point inside the first filter, directly under the ball, this will form your angel's skirt. I use hot glue here, for instant stick.

To make your angel's arms/sleeves, pinch together the first filter at the sides. Place a small line of glue on the filter, 3/4 inch in length below the fold; press together. This step can be done with either hot glue or tacky glue. For each hand cut 2 inch piece of paper twist, glue these into the gap in the sleeve between the glue line and the fold.

To make wings for your angel, fold the remaining filter in half. Gather in the center and tie off with a piece of thread.

Using your glitter glue run a line of glitter around the bottom of the skirt, edges of the sleeves and the wing edges.

Allow your glitter glue to dry.

When all is dry glue your wings onto the back of your angel. Take a small amount of curly hair and "rough it up", glue this to the top of your angel's head. Lastly take a small piece of the mini star garland and make a halo for your angel, be sure to leave a slight "tail", using the tail, glue this right into the angels head.

Now come the fun part, decorating your angel. Some suggestions of decorating ideas that I have used are;

Using a small piece of mini pine garland make a miniature wreath, since this garland is actually much like a pipe cleaner just wire the ends together. Glue a bow made from 1/8 ribbon over the joint.

I have purchased mini Christmas lights (these do not actually light up, but are plastic and come in either colored or white lights to be used for mini scenes) and cut them into several small sections. These can be glued in the angels hands.

Use your imagination in decorating these cute little angels. And there is no reason to limit these to just Christmas. They will look cute anywhere you have the spot to hang a little angel.

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