How to Make a Conference Call on an iPhone

By Tonya Nash

  • Overview

    Conference calls are designed to gather several people together to discuss a particular topic. Some conference calls are conducted with a special service provider that maintains a bridge for the call. Other service providers give phone numbers and pin numbers to the people calling in. If you have an Apple iPhone, a conference-call feature is available for you to use. This feature allows you to have up to five different phone calls on the line.
    How to Make a Conference Call on an iPhone
    • Step 1

      Make your first call. Once you have the party on the line, tap "Add Call." When you do this, the person who answered will be placed on hold. After you tap "Add Cal,l" your contacts list will pop up.
    • Step 2

      Tap the name of the person from your contact list that you would like to call. If he has more than one phone number listed in your contact list, tap the number you would like to call. If the person's name is not in your contact list, you can choose to dial his number by tapping on the keypad in the lower right-hand corner. You can choose to talk privately on the second call before linking the first and second calls.

    • Step 3

      Tap "Merge Calls" to link the first and second calls. Everyone should be able to hear and talk to one another. Continue this process until you have added up to five calls. People who are already on the line should still be able to talk with each other while you are adding each call.
    • Step 4

      At the top of your iPhone screen, watch as the display scrolls through the names of the people on the conference call. After it scrolls through the names, it will read "Conference," with an arrow facing the word "Conference" on the right side. If you tap on "Conference," it will take you to a list with everyone who is on the call. The list will have a red phone symbol, the person's name and the word "Private" beside it.
    • Step 5

      If you would like to speak with someone privately, tap the word "Private" beside her name. To go back to the conference call, tap "Merge Calls." Tap the red phone symbol beside someone's name to end a call with him. Tap "Back" to add another call or end all calls. To end all calls, tap "End Call" at the bottom of your screen.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Tip: The iPhone always has a second line that is available when you are using the conference-call feature.
    • Warning:
    • Check with your cell phone carrier regarding charges for conference calls.

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