How Do I Make Curly Hair Straight

How do I make curly hair straight, there is a solution, find out what it is here.

Curly hair just loves humidity. Come on, you know how it is: you spend hours holding a hair dryer and with a fat round brush pulling and brushing your hair so that it'll come out straight and sleek. Then you walk outside and get ambushed by the humidity, making your hair more curly and frizzy than before.

This is a common issue for people with curly hair who have at least once tried to make that hair straight.

Some quick-fixes include using permanent straighteners and relaxers- most of which you can find in supermarkets and drug stores to apply in your own home.

A relaxer is best suited for people who have hair that is especially difficult to style. This usually applies to people of African or Caribbean descent who have coarse and frizzy hair. The relaxer is a strong chemical substance that is applied to dry hair and then left on the hair anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. The relaxer works chemically with the composition of your hair, weighing it down in certain areas and removing curls. Relaxers must be reapplied to new hair growth.

Other straighteners are called perms- permanents. These are better left for salons because this process is for people with a different type of hair characteristic of caucasians- straight hair with a smooth hair cuticle. Straighteners too have to be reapplied with to new growth.

Once the hair is treated, to get the full effect of the straightener or relaxer, most people blow-dry their hair. After a few days or a week of blow-drying, the hair begins to dry out.

Any kind of hairdressing or leave-in conditioner that has bergamot oil as a conditioner is one of the best bets to combatting this blow-drying dry-out. The bergamot oil not only provides extra shine and protection to the hair cuticle, but it also doesn't leave behind a significant oily residue like a lot of other products do.

Bergamot oil is a thick oil and comes in either a sapphire form or emerald form--this simply indicates color. Some companies may use this color to signify different added ingredients as well, but all in all, bergamot oil is among the most beneficial and inexpensive products.

When blow-drying the hair, simply place a small amount of the bergamot conditioner (whichever form of it and brand you can find) at the roots and at the ends and then use a comb to distribute the oil by combing a few strokes from the roots to the tips. This works best if you part your hair into several sections to blow-dry.

Once you are done blowdrying, if you feel that your hair is greasy or 'heavy', need not worry because the oil will be completely absorbed in the hair within an hour or two. If your hair is still alittle dry after styling, then simply add a bit more of the bergamot to the necessary areas.

Using the bergamot will maintain blow-dried styles for about a week, which at that point, you should wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo so that the residue of the bergamot doesn't build up too much. Some build-up is ok- that small amount of build-up replaces the oils that your hair lacks if your hair is usually dry.

Bergamot is also beneficial in treating dry scalp, especially dandruff. In the case of mild psoriassis and/or exczema, it is advised that you wash your hair at least twice a week because the bergamot will cause the extremely dry skin to come off in large flakes, leaving behind healthy supple skin. If bergamot is successful in treating your dry scalp, you could even try rubbing some on any dry skin patches on other areas of your body, like the elbows.

Hair sprays and other styling aides can be used on hair that has bergamot oil applied to it.

And one important note: many oil-based products claim that they can make your hair grow faster. There is no scientific evidence to back-up these claims. Many of these products are very greasy and might've turned you off to the idea of using an oil-based product in styling your hair, but bergamot is different.

"Bergamot" is not a brand name and this is not a paid endorsement, just a strong recommendation from a highly satisfied consumer.

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