How To Make A Custom Picture Frame For Your Art Work

Learn how to make lovely custom picture frames that will accent your artwork.

You have a beautiful piece of art, and want to frame it for display, or perhaps you have a collage of photos that you would like to show off. No matter what it is, you need to find out how to frame it and make it stand out.

Looking at the choices available can be intimidating. You can narrow your choices before you start. Decide if you want your frame to be ornate or plain. Remember though an ornate frame can detract from a detailed picture. Too much detail will detract from the beauty of the finished project. A good general rule is the more detailed the article being framed, the less detail on the frame.

The width of the frame can be as important as the decorative aspects of the frame. Look at your picture closely, if the details in the picture are slender lines you will not want to have a thick frame, on the other hand if the lines are thick a thin frame would look out of place.

Frames come in many colors and styles, from finely sanded woods, to plastics in bold and beautiful colors. Choosing a color and style becomes very much a personal choice. Some people choose frames that match the color scheme of the room the picture will be hung in. Others choose a frame that complements the subject of the picture. The choice is yours, but be sure that the color and style does not detract from the piece you are framing.

Sometimes you will want a border to separate the picture from the frame. This is called a mat. A mat serves as more than an artistic statement. It also serves to keep the glass off of the picture itself, which can be very important if you are dealing with one of a kind illustration.

When you choose your mat choose a color that complements the frame, as well as the picture. For example, a picture of a forest during the spring, will be many shades of green. A dark brown frame the same shade as the trunks will enhance the picture, and a pastel green mat will show off the greens in the picture make the frame seem as if it were part of the whole picture.

When you cut your mat, you will want to bevel the inside edge against the picture. This will give the finished picture a professional look. Measure and cut carefully. Your picture should be centered in the mat and in the frame.

Now when you mount your picture, place the frame face down on a level surface. Make sure the glass on the inside is clean, and free of smudges. Place the mat on the frame, with the colored side against the glass. Next comes your picture. Using photograph corners will help to insure your picture does not slide when you flip the picture over, or hang it. Now place a piece of acid free paper behind the picture to protect it.

The last step is to place the back of the frame on, usually a piece of heavy cardboard. Tack it into place carefully. Center the hanger on the back of the top rail of the frame. Hang your picture and admire the good job and the choices you have made.

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