How To Make Customized Curtains & Drapes For Windows Inexpensively

How to create those perfect curtains & drapes for those windows on a miminal budget.

Making customized curtains inexpensively is not hard to do, but it does take a small amount of ability to sew and measure. Most curtains are not that affordable when you are on a budget this is an idea that will help you enhance your home and give it that elegant, country or provincial look you always wanted.

First look around the room you want to change the curtains in. Look at the color scheme, the window size measuring the width and the length you will want the curtains. Determine how you want them to fall. Looking through magazines to find the look you want helps a great deal. Now that you have in mind what you want it is time to make the curtains. Take a pillow, or some object you are trying to match with you to the store so that the colors are a close match. If there is a pattern you are looking for cut a small piece from the underside or hem line so you can match that also.

With the measurements, idea and colors in mind it is now time to go shopping to create your treasure. Go to your local discount store, or large chain department store that is inexpensive to purchase from. You will be going to the bedding department, specifically to the sheets. Depending on the season and the type of décor you want to create you can use either cotton or the thermal sheets to create your curtains. The thermal offer you a thicker curtain and more warmth if it is in the winter season.

Depending on the size of the window, how you want your curtain to lie, and the style you have chosen will determine what size sheet to buy. If it is a normal window (smaller) you will use two single flat sheets, picking out the color will be your hardest problem. If you are using a larger picture window you will then decide how you want that area to look, using either three to four single sheets if you want a break in the scheme, or two full sheets for a drape pull back look.

Once home measure again, using the top fold of the sheet open each end so the rod will slide thru, do this to all the sheets you will be using. Play with the look before you do any cutting. Once the length is determined you then cut the bottom edge off to the desired length, pin up ¼ inch and back stitch using either freehand or the sewing machine, it is purely optional for you. Do not throw away any of the cuttings as you can use them for tiebacks, or on the dresser or chest of drawers as a covering.

If you want to have two separate colors hanging, such as a hanging swag that dips down over the curtains it is easy enough to do and no cutting or sewing is involved. Take the sheet and fold it accordion style back and forth over itself. Starting at the right side of the end of the curtain rod, drape it behind the rod so that approximately one to two feet are behind the rod but visible, the rest will be over the curtains already in place. Walk to the left side and drape the same amount of footage over the left side of the rod, this will leave you with a blousing hanging effect overtop of the curtains. Then arrange it how you would like it to look. Often times leaving a picture of what you want out so you can recreate it with your sheets. You then can tighten, add other affects such as flowers or ties until the desired affect is met.

The cost for this project is what the sheet costs, and your time and energy. In most stores sheets can run from 2.50 to 10 dollars depending on the type of curtain you use. In closing this project for a small window will cost you up to $20 dollars and a larger project up to $40 or less.

Happy hunting and creating do not be afraid to create that new look you have always wanted.

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