How Do I Make Delicious Fajitas?

How to make Delicious and low-fat Fajitas. They are easy and a real crowd pleaser!!

Fajitas are a great food to make and a lot of fun if you are a vegetable lover. They can be easily made low fat and there are a lot of different variations that you can create. Following are the standard instruction with vegetables I like to use. You can always add or subtract any items. Use you imagination!!

One-pound chicken breast

Fajita seasoning

One green pepper

One red pepper

One jalapeno pepper

One large white onion

One container portabella mushrooms



Shredded cheese

Taco sauce

Sour cream

Fajita soft shells

One can refried beans

One container of white rice


Brown chicken, cut into long strips with a small amount of oil until the inside is no longer pink. Drain the oil and add fresh vegetables, also cut into strips with a generous amount of fajita seasoning and two tablespoons water. Cover and simmer until vegetables are tender.

Meanwhile, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, taco sauce, cheese should be set out for dressing.

Cook white rice per directions on the package. Add the can of tomato with chilies and simmer on low heat. Add a little fajita seasoning for a zestier flavor. Prepare the refried beans per the instructions.

Place the fajitas shells on a baking pan separate from each other and bake for 3-5 minutes.


1. Set up the meal as a buffet because there are a lot of small toppings that will crowd your table. Have them top the fajitas at the counter and add what they prefer. This is an excellent meal and great for large crowds.

2. Substitute cheese and sour cream for fat free. Stay away from the refried beans. Overall, this is a pretty low fat meal.

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