How To Make Dew Rags

Tips and instructions on making homemade dew rags - one choice of head wear and accessories that can be made in very little time.

Hats, caps and scarves are among the most popular head coverings that people choose to wear. There are other types of head gear, some more popular than others. Even though dew rags aren't worn by the general population many find they keep the sun from beating down on their heads in the summer and keep hair from blowing as well. Similar to a scarf, dew rags lay on top of the head with long, narrow strips to wrap around the back for tying. The dew rags generally hang about shoulder length but can be made longer or shorter.

Dew rags they resemble a giant "T" with the base of the "T" being very wide but the top of the "T" being slender. One way to make the rags is to actually cut a tee shape in the manner described. Lightweight fabrics such as nylon are best but the rags can be made from most any lightweight cloth. Cut the bottom a few inches less than the width of a person's shoulders. This can vary as long as it is wide enough to drape nicely over the head but not hang below the ears. An approximate size for most people is about a foot by a foot and a half. After cutting three sides of the rectangle make the top part of the "T" shape by adding extra length onto the top strip. The length should be enough to wrap easily around the head and tie in a knot, with extra to hang down. Hem the dew rag beginning with the back bottom corner and go all the way around the "T". Fabrics that won't unravel, such as nylon, can be hemmed by folding only a little fabric under then hemming. Fabrics which will unravel require you to fold the fabric once, then once again before hemming.

Another way to make dew rags is to cut a rectangle and then sew the strip on for wrapping and tying. This is actually the easiest method since hemming around the "T" shape can be challenging to some. Cut the rectangle for the dew rag then cut a strip about 3" wide to attach to the top of the dew rag. Most will find it easiest to hem the strip completely then hem the dew rag. After they are both hemmed sew the strip onto the dew rag by aligning the center of the strip with the center of the rag. The tying ends can be squared to cut to a point before hemming.

When sewing dew rags by the latter method different fabrics can be used to make the rag more colorful. Choose a print for the dew rag and a solid color for the tying strip and so on. There are additional changes in the design that you can make. Cut some where the bottom of the dew rag is rounded rather than squared. Others can be cut with the bottom forming a point.

A completely different design is to make a rounded shape from the center of the forehead down to the shoulder area. Cut two pieces in this manner, each being about 8" wide. With right sides together sew the pieces together forming the arc of the fabric. Hem. Now the dew rag molds to the head and can be simply worn like that or a tie can be attached to the forehead region of the dew rag and used to hold it in place.

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