How To Make An Elegant Christmas Centerpiece

How to make an elegant, yet inexpensive Christmas centerpiece that will wow your family and friends!

The holidays are just around the corner! We all want our homes to be festive and inviting for family and friends, but decorations can be expensive. Many, if not most of us, are at least trying to stay on a budget this time of year. Relax, there are still some great decorating ideas that look very elegant, yet cost very little. You just have to use a little imagination!

Your first priority should be to determine what kind of style you are trying to achieve. Do you want an elegant formal look, or more of a warm country feel? That determined, here is a great centerpiece idea that can be adapted to any style. It is especially striking on the dining table. Following are two variations using the same basic materials.

Elegant Centerpiece - You will need:

1 full length mirror, with or without gold frame.(These are available at any discount store for around $10.)

1-2 Boxes of rock salt.

Assorted white candles, several of varying height and width. Be sure to include several white votive candles.

2 Boxes of 12 each medium sized round Christmas ornaments, one box of silver and one of gold.

1 Box of small gold or silver miniature round Christmas ornaments.

1 Spool of gold or silver wired craft ribbon.

1 Bunch of gold silk poinsettias.

Place mirror in center of table. Arrange pillars and votives on top of mirror beginning in the center with the largest candles and working out, scattering votive candles among the larger candles. Try to achieve a relaxed pattern, not a perfect staggering of heights. Now, pour the rock salt on the mirror. Don't cover the entire base of the mirror. Mound salt around candles and make a free form design around the edges of the mirror. Wrap wire ribbon around a few, not all, of the larger pillar candles and tie into a loose bow. Continuing in a random fashion, pull the poinsettia bloom off of the bush and nestle the flowers down into the salt at the base of the candles. Try not to surround every single pillar, and don't cover your votive candles. Finally, scatter the gold and silver christmas ornaments up and down the mirror, making interesting little nests, they look especially nice in nests of three.

Now light your candles, stand back, and admire your creation. The mirror will reflect the salt and candlelight, which appears to be a glistening field of ice and snow. Your friends and family will love it!

Note: To achieve a country look, simply use red and green ornaments with red, white, and green candles. Use raffia to wrap your candles. You could also scatter a few small pinecones and cinnamon sticks around as accents. This look is adorable, too!

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