How To Make A Fall Window Flower Box

It's very simple to make a Fall window flower box to dress up your windows for the beautiful Fall weather. You'll find all you need at your local home supply store.

For your fall flower window box go to your home supply store to buy the material that you will need. Most of these stores will cut wood the size that you will need for free or a small added charge. Find the wood that you will need. The best wood for this project is pine, white wood, or cedar. I like cedar because it lasts longer and is easy to work with.

You will need:

2-1-6x72 lumber

3-1-6x36 lumber

2-1-6x8 lumber

Tools needed:


Small box of galvanized pin nails

Small bottle of carpenter glue

Drill for making holes in the bottom for drainage. Make ten holes.

Lets call the 1-6x36 (A) the 2 1-6x10 (B)

Take two of the pieces of wood called A and the two parts called B. Stand them up on their ends. Put a little glue on the ends and nail part A to B. Flush at the bottoms. Now you should have a box form.

Drill the holes in the bottom for drainage.

Now you are ready to display your window box on your window sill.

Buy plants in your home supply store. There are a variety of fall colors that will look beautiful in your window box.

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