How Do I Make Frostwire Download Faster With Dial Up?

By Randall Shatto

  • Overview

    Frostwire is a peer-to-peer application. You can download several types of programs, including videos, music and applications. Dial-up connections are naturally slow and sluggish. However, there are options you can change to make downloading from Frostwire faster. The program is setup with tools and navigation choices for you to tweak to your specifications. In approximately 10 minutes, you can begin downloading from Frostwire faster with dial-up than before.
    • Step 1

      Open the Frostwire program and click on "Tools" in the toolbar on the top of the page. Choose "Options." You will receive a list of the different choices you can change.
    • Step 2

      Select "Sharing" then "Basic." In the Download Sharing box, unclick "Share Finished Downloads." Select "Advanced" and then uncheck all the boxes.

    • Step 3

      Choose the "Download" option. Change "Maximum Downloads" to one. Set the percentage of bandwidth you want to allow for downloads to 100 percent in the Download Bandwidth box.
    • Step 4

      Open the Upload section. Take the Upload Bandwidth slider all the way to the left. Click on "Slots," under Upload, and change the Uploads Per Person to 0. The Max Upload Slots is 0 as well.
    • Step 5

      Click on "Community Chat" then press the box "Enable Chat" to uncheck it.
    • Step 6

      Turn off the ITunes option. Uncheck the "Share My Music" option.
    • Step 7

      Change the Searching Speed to "Show Only Results Of Cable/DSL Or Higher." This will allow you to only find applications with higher than dial-up speeds. That will assist you to download at your maximum speed.
    • Step 8

      Click "Apply." Complete the switch of all the options, then choose "Apply" to save changes. Restart Frostwire to implement the changes. Download a file to check your work.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Tip: Remember, downloading copyright material is against the law. You can only obtain freeware applications, music or videos.
    • Tip: You are downloading peer-to-peer, this means that your speed is only as good as the person you are downloading from.

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