How Do I Make A Garden Deer Resistant?

How do I make a garden deer resistant? Planting deer resistant plants is the best way to keep the deer off your garden, however, if a deer is hungry enough, it will eat almost any plant. The most important...

The most important thing is to buy deer resistant plants. There is a product out there that you can spray on your lawn and it helps to a certain extent. Common deer resistant plants are Mexican Oregano. It is pretty popular. It gets about three feet tall. It is a little small perennial shrub. It will take the sun and part shade. It has got little lavender flowers. The foliage smells good. It is kind of like an herb. Your Cedar Sage is a popular one that is about one to two feet tall. It is received pretty well, it has a red bloom and is great for the humming birds as well. Majestic sage is a blue to purple flower; it is 3-5 feet tall and it blooms in spring to summer.

Pretty much any of the annuals will be eaten by deer They will eat rose bushes, especially the antique rose bushes. Deer will taste things, even if it is a deer resistant plant. The deer are going to much on it and taste it and if they don't like it, they're not going to come back to it. So, if you plant a deer resistant plant, you should expect to see some damage done to it at first. After that, the deer will not mess with it. If you have 10 deer in the area that come and munch on your yard, they could totally wipe out your deer resistant plants just by tasting them, so it's not a foolproof method.

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