How to Make Homemade Acne Products

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    Acne is a chronic skin condition caused by dead skin cells and oily skin that combine to clog pores, which results in pimples. Homemade acne remedies have been popular for centuries. Natural acne treatments work for many people, but the reasons aren't always known. Still, making homemade acne products is easy. Many of the ingredients needed are probably in your kitchen or can be bought at a health food store. It's best to try one remedy at a time for a few weeks to see if it works before trying another.
    • Step 1

      Make cleansers. Keeping the face (or other affected area) clean is necessary to combat acne. A gentle cleaner is needed so as not to irritate the skin. Plain yogurt makes a good cleanser, especially if it contains acidophilus, which are good bacteria. Washing with buttermilk is another homemade remedy.
    • Step 2

      Create toners. After the face is washed, a toner restores the ph balance and removes all traces of the cleanser. Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are acidic and help kill bacteria on the skin. Hydrogen peroxide and witch hazel, both antiseptics, are also good at removing germs. Cucumber juice is another good toner. In a small plastic bottle, add water and 2 tbsp. of any of the above items. Using a cotton ball, apply the solution to the entire face.

    • Step 3

      Make face scrubs or exfoliants. Dead skin cells on the face help to clog pores and cause breakouts. Baking soda makes a good facial scrub. Make a paste by adding water to the baking soda. Apply paste to skin and gently massage in a circular motion. When you rinse off the paste, your skin will be noticeably softer and smoother. Oatmeal also makes a good homemade scrub. Just add water to soften the oatmeal.
    • Step 4

      Create masks. A mask helps to clean out the pores and tighten the skin. Egg white makes an excellent mask. Apply the substance to the face and let it dry. Rinse it off with warm water. Add lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to the egg white for an antibacterial mask. Raw honey as a mask is also recommended because the honey has antiseptic qualities. Brewer's yeast is a health food that can be eaten or applied to the skin by adding water to make a paste. Lemon juice can be used instead of water.
    • Step 5

      Make a moisturizer. While oily skin helps to cause acne breakouts, the right oil can help improve the skin. Apply a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil to the skin. Do this twice a day. It is reported that olive oil makes pores smaller and also clears the skin of acne. Another recommended oil for acne is almond oil.
    • Step 6

      Make overnight pimple reducers. Extract the juice of two garlic cloves. Add an equal amount of apple cider vinegar. Apply the solution to each pimple or blackhead at bedtime. This mixture dries out the pimples; so does toothpaste. In the morning, wash the face as usual. Applying apple cider vinegar to each pimple also helps in reducing them and accelerating healing time.
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