How To Make Homemade Christmas Candles

Have you always loved candles? Wanted to make your own but never sure how? This article will show you how to make beautiful homemade holiday candles for yourself and for others.

Nearly everyone loves a warmly glowing candle, the sense of nostalgia and comfort they bring is immeasurable. Candles add a unique touch to any home and can make an everyday situation feel very special. During the holidays home made candles can offer that exceptional look to your seasonal decoration. They also make excellent gifts for those people who seem to have it all or those who are hard to please.

The possibilities are virtually limitless when making candles. They vary from very simple to extremly detailed, these insrtuctions are simple enough for novices and intermediates. I prefer to use beeswax for holiday candles, not only is it easy to handle but it smells divine whether lit or not! When you opt for beeswax over regular wax you omit the molds, the heat and a lot of the mess. The down side? Beeswax is very fragile, it can chip, tear or break! Always make sure your wax is at room temperature before you try to handle it.

Red Velvet Wrapped Pillars- This will make two candles. You will need two squares of white or vanilla colorless beeswax (Beeswax only comes in one size squares.) Wicks, your best bet is to buy a large roll(24-36in) not only is it more affordable but you have extra...just in case. Either a roll of red velvet ribbon or two nine inch long strips. You will also need a pair of shears and glue, any type of glue will work. Work on a large, flat surface like your kitchen table.

Set the squares diagonally in front of you, you must roll the candle diagonally to create a pillar shape. Cut the wicks the same length as the wax then tuck the wax over the wick and gently roll it up. Be careful not to push down too hard or your wax will stick to the surface. Follow steps to complete the second candle. If you have trouble getting them to stand-gently push on the bottoms until they are flat. Now simply wind the red velvet around the candle, use just a dab of glue to seal it to the canldle at either end. You're done! Feel free to use different colored ribbons or materials to make a variety of gift candles.

Silver Studded Rounds- This will make two candles. You will need two squares of dark green beeswax, wicks of course and a box of silver headed pins. Make sure you have a flat work surface and set the squares in front of you. Now fold each in half evenly and break-only lengthwise! Cut wick and place inside edge of wax and gently roll up. Push carefully on candle bottoms if they're not flat. Evenly place a circle of pins around the top of the candle and again along the bottom. You could also use gold pins or make different patterns using both gold and silver pins.

Don't heisitate to use your own ideas! Change wax colors for different settings or people. If you're giving them as gifts, try topping them off with colored raffia ribbons, you could also glue together a small holly berry wreath to make a base for your candles. Please remove all decoration before lighting your candles and remind your gift recipents to do so as well.

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