How to Make a Hot Tub Cover

By Giselle Diamond

  • Overview

    It's a good idea to have your hot tub covered when not in use. In doing so, you can keep out dust, leaves and other debris and save yourself the trouble of cleaning up, too. You could either order a Styrofoam or vinyl hot tub cover that could set you back hundreds of dollars or, better still, learn how to make a hot tub cover yourself. If you have a rectangular-shaped, hot tub, the good news is that you'll find making a cover to match relatively easy. Follow these simple steps and surprise yourself.
    • Step 1

      Measure the precise length and width of the top opening of your hot tub, whatever may be its shape -- circular, rectangular, square or other. This is an important first step as it will enable you to create the exact outline for cutting the vinyl and plywood to shape later.
    • Step 2

      Purchase suitable marine vinyl fabric, preferably of thick quality, as well as plywood and foam insulation. Make sure the specifications of all, insofar as length and width, exceed those of your hot tub opening.

    • Step 3

      Transfer the outline specifications of your hot tub (length and width) by drawing them out on the plywood board. Allow an extra ¼-inch of plywood all the way around.
    • Step 4

      Cut along the outline measurements drawn on the plywood. Next cut the plywood piece obtained into two perfectly, equal pieces. Now cut the foam/padding insulation to fit the two plywood pieces.
    • Step 5

      Turn the two plywood pieces over and apply glue, or a strong bonding agent, ideal for wood, vinyl and foam. Then glue the two pieces of foam insulation cut earlier onto each of the plywood pieces.
    • Step 6

      Take the vinyl fabric and cut it to a size approximately 1½-inch larger that the length and breadth of each of the two plywood pieces. Cut another vinyl strip, about 3 inches wide, which will form the central strip and run from one end of the hot tub cover to the other. Then cut two separate strips of vinyl, each of which should be 6 inches wide to run around the contours of each of the two halves of the cover. Allow an extra 2 inches when doing so.
    • Step 7

      Spread the vinyl piece, with right side facing up, under and over one half plywood piece. Fold the vinyl over all around this piece of plywood and firmly glue both together. Do the same for the other half plywood piece.
    • Step 8

      Glue the 3-inch-wide vinyl strip on top of each half of the hot tub cover to attach them firmly together. The resultant joint will act as the main hinge of your hot tub cover.
    • Step 9

      Affix the 6-inch-wide outer vinyl strip all around each half of your hot tub cover. Make sure that an extra inch is allowed on each side to hang and overlap with the extra inch of the other half.
    • Step 10

      Use a powered screwdriver and suitable screws to fix the four handles (two for each half of your hot tub). This will make it easy to fold and remove the hot tub cover as and when required.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Thick marine vinyl
    • Plywood (as per specification of hot tub opening)
    • Foam-type insulation/padding
    • Hand saw
    • Strong bonding agent or adhesive
    • Handles (4 pieces)
    • Powered screwdriver
    • Screws
    • Pencil
    • Measuring tape
    • Tip: Precise measurements are important for success in this project. Therefore, make sure you get your measurements correct before you proceed.
    • Warning:
    • The above steps are only for a rectangular-shaped, hot tub cover but will not apply or guarantee success for oval, circular or other odd-shaped hot tubs.

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