Make Your House Allergy Free

An allergy free home. Make your home a sanctuary for clean breathing for the allergic person in your family.

If someone in your house has allergies, there are things you can do to minimize their suffering and provide a sanctuary for comfortable living. Many allergies are caused by dust mites and pet dander, things found in your own home which can be kept under control. If you follow a few simple steps you may be able to help your loved ones breathe easier and perhaps lighten up on their allergy medication as well. These tips are especially useful if you are living with someone who has asthma.

The first thing you should do is to buy an air cleaning machine or filter for your home. Air cleaners are machines that filter out dust, pollen and other allergens from the air and you will probably need one for each room. An air cleaner can only clean the air in a specific amount of space depending on how large the air cleaner is. These cleaners have removable filters which can be replaced or clean when they get dirty. You can also purchase special filters to be fitted on your heating or air conditioning system that help to remove allergens from the air in the entire house depending on your heating and air conditioning set up. Simply running air conditioning in the house does a great deal to clean the air and you can even run air conditioners on warm in cooler weather. Every air conditioner has a filter which traps air borne particles.

Carpeting is a big culprit for harboring dust mites and pet dander. Removing wall to wall carpeting in favor of bare floors and area rugs can do a great deal to remove these allergens from your home. Dust mites live in carpeting and it is impossible to remove them and their droppings from your carpet. Steam cleaning may help slightly but it is not a long term solution. Bare floors can be swiped with a damp mop daily to pick up any dust or pollen. It is especially important to remove the carpeting from the bedroom where the allergic person sleeps. The bedroom should be a sanctuary for clean breathing complete with an air conditioner. If you can't remove the carpeting from the entire house, at least have it taken out of the bedroom.

Bedding is another hiding place for dust mites and pet dander. Synthetic pillows and mattresses have been found to trap more dust mites and pet dander than feather pillows because of the tighter weave of fabric used on feather pillows. All pillows and mattresses can be covered with allergy proof covers, usually tightly woven material or plastic which encases the entire mattress and zips onto pillows. It is worthwhile to spend the extra money for tightly woven fabric as it can be uncomfortable to sleep on rustling plastic. It is best to start out with brand new pillows and cover them with the allergy proof materials as your old pillows are probably more dust mite than pillow stuffing if they are more than a few years old.

The biggest help to any allergy sufferer is the removal of any pet from the home. While it may be hard to part with a pet, it makes a tremendous difference in the health of the allergic person. People who have needed daily doses of asthma medication have been known to cease medication all together after the pet had been removed from the home. Pet dander is so insidious that you can bring it home on your clothing and transfer it to your bed just by brushing against someone who has a pet. You need to weigh the consequences in your mind and decide if your family's pet might not be able to go and live at a friend or relative's home.

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