Make Kids Backyard Volleyball Set

Learn how to make your own backyard volleyball set.

Do it yourself backyard volleyball set

Children and adults love to play volleyball, but not everyone can run to the store to buy one. Or if they do they are sold out. Here are some simple tricks to making your own backyard volleyball sets.

The one below is if you can buy volleyball net from your nearest store. If not scroll down to the next example.

Stick Volleyball Net

Items needed:

2 tennis balls

2 sticks (about 5 feet tall)

Volleyball net


1. Take the net and spread it out across the yard. Place the tennis ball where you will be putting the stick on each side.

2. Dig a small hole for each to the approximate place you want to put your net. Pack the dirt around the sticks. Test the stick to make sure it isn't going to fall over with a slight pull.

3. Tie the volleyball net to the sticks. Now play ball!

For those that may not be able to buy volleyball net here is a simple way of making one.

How to make your own net

Items you will need:

Nylon cording

Flag tape

1. Take the nylon cording and tie it to the sticks. This will be for the top of your net.

2. Take your tape again and tie another nylon cording across the sticks, about 1 foot down from the top.

3. Use the flag tape and cut enough strips to hang down from the top to the bottom of the nylon cording.

4. Tie the flag tape strips to the top of the nylon cording and the bottom. Make sure it will reach the bottom one.

5. Your net is complete. Start hitting that volleyball back and forth.

Playing more like the Pros

This is for those that want it to resemble more of a true volleyball court. Here is what you need to do. A volleyball court is 10 feet each way. The area should be level, if not you may want to fill in those holes with some dirt. Rope off the sides with some flag tape to show the boundaries. The sides should be 60 X 30 feet. The net should be directly in the center of the yard. REMEMBER 10 FEET BOTH WAYS.


- Most sports stores, do it yourself stores, and craft stores will have nylon cording and flag tape. If you have a Wal-Mart near you, you may want to look in the sports section.

- If you are unable to find 5 foot sticks you may want to substitute them for bamboo poles. If you do you may want to dig a bit deeper to make sure they will stay in. You may want to use some duct tape to tie the net in place so it doesn't slip.


- If you do not have a yard big enough for a professional looking court, you can always reduce it.

Your net is complete now all you need to do is find enough people to play.

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