How To Make Your Living Room Cozy

If you are looking for ideas for making your living room more cozy, this tips will help you get a start.

When I think of a cozy living room, I think of a room where I can cuddle up on the couch under a blanket, in front of the fire, with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate; or cuddle up with my hubby and watch a movie; or have some friends over and spend a good part of the day talking and enjoying one another's company.

In order to make your living room cozy, you do not have to have a small living room, but you do have to make it intimate. While maintaining enough room to move, you want to give the illusion of close quarters.

The first thing to look at is colors. Warm, darker colors work best to convey the message of coziness. It's okay to have brighter colors, but make sure they don't scream; subtleness is the key. If you have a large living room, darker is better for the walls, but if you have a small living room, stick with a lighter, but warm, color. Wallpapering is also an option; this will give you more variety, as you can choose from a plethora of patterns that will promote a cozy feel in your living room.

The second thing you need to work on is a focal point. For some people, this is the fireplace, for others, it's the television; make it whatever you feel is significant. This is what all your furniture will "point" toward. Once you pick your focal point, arrange your other furniture around this point. If you have a large living room, you may want to use your furniture to split it into two rooms. For instance, my living room is very long. The fireplace, at one end, is the focal point. I have a couch close to it, on the wall perpendicular to the fireplace. I used to have a loveseat all the way on the other end of the room from the fireplace, but I have since pushed it up about halfway across the room so it is facing the fireplace and at a right angle with my couch. This splits off the part of the living room behind the loveseat into a "separate" room. This room we have turned into our office. Arranging your furniture around the focal point in a kind of semi-circle will give your living room a feeling of intimacy. If you have people sitting in different places in your living room, you don't want them to feel like they have to shout across the room to get another's attention.

Next, accessories and d├ęcor are essential in promoting a feeling of coziness in your living room. Keeping in mind warm colors, think lots of throw pillows for the couch and loveseat, as well as quilts and afghans draped over chairs and the back of the couch. Have candle arrangements on the coffee and end tables. Or perhaps try a motorized therapeutic fountain on one of the end tables. Don't forget to keep the fireplace ready to light up at a moment's notice!

For the walls, go ahead and put up pictures and framed art. You can go a little crazy here and get away with it, as long as you keep it neatly arranged and you are somewhat systematic and organized about it. Try not to hang so many personal photos as to overwhelm guests with having to look through them all.

These ideas should help you get well on your way to a cozier living room. When you're done, go ahead and make that cup of hot cocoa and experience the bliss of a cozy living room.

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