How to Make Money With Business Cards

By Joshua Duvauchelle

  • Overview

    Business cards are important networking tools. For many small business owners, business cards are the company's most direct form of marketing its services and products. Entrepreneurs can also take advantage of the small, portable format of the business card to create new business ventures and promotional techniques. Learn how to make money with business cards by increasing your business marketing or by directly selling business cards to the companies that need them.
    • Step 1

      Purchase a set of business cards. Business cards can be obtained easily and economically from a local printer or from an online business card vendor. Many individuals intend to get business cards but never take the time to do it. Good intentions are great, but action is required to make money with business cards. Invest in high quality printing on durable card stock. The recipient of your business card may judge the quality of your business by the type of business card it distributes.
    • Step 2

      Be clear about what your business has to offer by highlighting it on your business card. Many business card designs rarely stray beyond the simple, empty layout with a company logo and your basic contact information. Be creative and add a line or two about what you're selling. Business cards can be the most direct, targeted forms of marketing. Take advantage of this by promoting your business, which may in turn result in higher profits by gaining you new customers.

    • Step 3

      Distribute your business cards at business mixers and corporate networking events. Such social events are prime opportunities to network with other businesspeople and promote your company and the products or services it offers. Always have your business card ready to hand to someone during a conversation. Don't be afraid to approach another individual to give him your business card. Use that moment as an opportunity to ask for his card in return. Save the business cards you receive at these events, and make a note on the back about who the individual is and what he has to offer. These types of connections can be priceless in the future when you are looking for new clients or suppliers to build your customer base and make more money for your company's bottom line.
    • Step 4

      Invest in a cheap, but durable, business card display holder. Approach local restaurants or stores and ask if you can leave a few business cards on their counter. Many small businesses won't mind, and these can be very visible, highly-trafficked areas. A potential client may see your business card holder and decide to give you a call.
    • Step 5

      Take the skills you learn while designing and marketing your business through your business cards and sell these skills to other people. Many small business owners want their own business cards but are not sure how to design, print or use them. Offer to help these businesses for a fee. Act as a middleman, giving individuals guidance as to what makes a good business card design. Business card printers such as Vista Print (see Resources below) offer affiliate middleman opportunities where you can make money selling their business card printing services. The advantage of marketing business card skills to individuals that want their own cards is that the customer is happy with the result because of your assistance, and you make a profit.
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