How to Make Money Mailing Envelopes

By Denise Oliveri

  • Overview

    With so many scams linked to work-at-home jobs popping up all over the Internet, it is no wonder that many people have turned off this idea of making money entirely. However, some ideas, such as making money from mailing envelopes, can be a viable way of earning money if one considers turning this venture into a small home business.
    Mailing Envelopes
    • Step 1

      Plan the business. Think about how much you will charge for different mailings, including standard letters, catalogs and multi-page mailings. Be flexible, as there are hundreds of possible specifications that different businesses might have for mailings. Meeting these specifications will put you in more demand because of your willingness to be flexible. Also decide how you want to be paid and in what time frame.
    • Step 2

      Purchase an inventory of envelopes from a wholesaler. Include the basic sizes and styles that most businesses use, such as commercial, window, catalog and wallet flap envelopes. Find other ideas for envelopes to have in stock at the Designer's Toolbox website (see Resources section).

    • Step 3

      Purchase an envelope software program, such as from Starre Software, or use a free software program from BrotherSoft. This type of software enables one to easily store and print addresses and bar codes onto envelope. The software has the ability to store addresses for each client (see Resources below).
    • Step 4

      Order professional business cards to hand out to potential customers. Places like Vista Print offer specials on business cards, and sometimes even offer them for free just for trying them for the first time (see Resources below). If the business cards are needed as soon as possible, use a quick copy shop that can have an order ready in just a matter of a few days. Also consider using MS Word or MS Publishing to create and print business cards from home.
    • Step 5

      Ask for permission to place business cards in restaurants, shops near business parks and offices, and other places where business people often go (like fitness centers). Plan a few days to visit businesses and drop off the cards in person. Also have a flyer that highlights the details of the service, especially if you are unable to speak with someone in charge while at the site.
    • Step 6

      Call back each business to talk with the person in charge of mailing to see if your service is needed. Try to set an appointment to meet with this person to discuss the service further and close a deal. Make a script of this call-back conversation if you don't feel comfortable with sales.
    • Step 7

      Meet deadlines once jobs start coming in. This is very important, as it will be the main factor in gaining repeat business. Also send thank-you notes to clients so they know you care. This will help you gain repeat business as well.
    • Skill: Moderately Challenging
    • Ingredients:
    • Envelope inventory
    • Envelope printing software program
    • Rolls of stamps
    • Client database
    • Business cards
    • Flyers
    • Tip: Create a portfolio of envelopes that you have in stock.
    • Tip: Be willing to order envelopes that you do not have to meet a client's specifications.
    • Tip: Keep a database of clients so you can easily contact them again in the future.
    • Tip: Give the business time to grow. It may not happen overnight, but persistence will pay off.

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