How to Make Natural Black Hairstyles

Holding agent (such as moisturizer or dreadlock gel) Comb Hair clips Create two-strand twists all over the head. Section hair off about an inch wide. Take two strands of hair between the the pointer finger and thumb. Apply the holding agent and twist the hair around as if making a plait. Use equal size of strands in each twist to make it look even. Make dreadlocks by rolling hair between your fingers. Use a holding agent like dreadlock gel. Section the hair according to the desired size of the dread. Make bigger sections if you desire big dreads. Apply the holding agent to the sectioned hair and twist the hair between the pointing finger and thumb. Start twisting from the scalp and work your way up to the end. Wear a natural Afro and part it for style. Comb the hair out to resemble an Afro. Part the Afro either on the side or down the middle. Pat your Afro down to give it form and shape. Braid your hair in cornrows. Part the hair from the front of the head to back. Create parts according to desired braid size. Grab three strands of hair in a section and weave them together on the scalp. Design the cornrows in different styles to give them distinction.

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