How to Make a Neck Warmer

By Rae Casto

Microwaveable neck warmers are convenient to use and easy to make. They are handy for use in the home or office and when you are traveling. Wrap-around neck warmers are safer and more convenient than conventional electric heating pads or leaky hot water bottles. Filled with natural grains and legumes, they provide long-lasting warmth to soothe muscle aches and pains. Tucked under the covers, they make cozy bed and foot warmers on cold winter nights. Chill them in the freezer for cooling relief on steamy summer days. Sew several colorful cotton neck warmers, and give them as gifts to family and friends.

List of Items Needed

  • Dressmaker pins
  • Cotton cloth
  • Scissors or pinking shears
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Rice
  1. Draw a 9-by-16-inch rectangle on a piece of paper to create a pattern.

  2. Affix the pattern parallel to the selvage (finished edge) or straight grain (weave) of the fabric with dressmaker pins.

  3. Cut out the pattern with sharp scissors or pinking shears.

  4. Fold the fabric rectangle lengthwise so the right side (the side of the fabric that looks brighter and better) is on the inside.

  5. Wind a bobbin and thread the sewing machine with cotton thread in a color that blends with the fabric.

  6. Sew a seam 1/2 inch from the cut edges of the fabric on the long side and one of the short sides, leaving the other short side open.

  7. Trim the fabric 1/4 inch from the seam on both stitched sides, and turn the fabric inside out to form a narrow tube.

  8. Fill the fabric tube about three-fourths full with uncooked rice. Hint: Jasmine or basmati rice releases a gentle, soothing fragrance as it warms.

  9. Fold the fabric on the open side of the rectangle to the inside, about 1/2 inch. Hold the opening closed or pin it shut, and carefully sew along the edge to finish the neck warmer.

  10. Type or write heating instructions and give them to the recipient with the neck warmer. The instructions should read: Place neck warmer in the microwave, and heat approximately 60 to 90 seconds, checking every 30 seconds until it reaches the desired temperature. Do not leave unattended. For moist heat, place a cup of water in the microwave next to the neck warmer.

Tips and Warnings

  • Stuff neck warmers with other natural materials, such as dried beans, lentils, barley or feed corn.
  • Neck warmers are not washable.

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