How To Make Your Own Bookends

If you have extra books lying around the house you can use them to make a nice set of bookends. Here's a few ideas:

Tired of books falling down and leaning over? You need bookends but you don't have to go out and buy them. Bookends can be made from all sorts of different items around the house. Some of these items, when put together, don't even resemble a set of bookends. For instance, you can stack books on top of each other to make bookends and most people will think they are simply stacked books.

The best way to make bookends from stacked books are to use six to eight book of similar size for each set of bookends. Using books that get smaller as they go up the stack will not hold the books well. Only the bottom book of the bookends will be supporting the books on the shelf so use three or four books of similar size. You won't need as many books for each bookend if the books are thick. More if the books are thin. The books should be hard cover instead of paperbacks.

Starting with the bottom book use spray adhesive to keep the book closed. Spray the adhesive on the sides of the pages as the book is closed. If no spray adhesive is available you can put a clear coat of decoupage or white glue on the edges with a paint brush. Use this same method on all the books that will make up the bookends and set aside to dry. When the pages are glued shut and dry stack the second book. The books can be strictly aligned or you can place the second book slightly askew. Glue the second book on top of the bottom one with white glue or hot glue. Use as many books as you'd like but normally three or four, depending upon how thick, is plenty. Stack the last book on the others and glue into place.

There are many unique objects you can use to top the set of bookends. You can glue a pair of glasses on to the top book or even a much smaller book. Other ideas for a topper are a small wooden box, small jewelry box, a glass jar candle, a small statuette, a picture frame or a deck of cards. For a child's room consider making a stuffed animal, ballet slippers, or small doll as the topper.

You can make a fake version of the bookends by using a thick piece of wood and making a copy of some classic book covers on your home printer. Print the book covers onto adhesive paper and wrap the paper around the wood. Now choose a topper and affix it to the wood piece.

The bookends are suitable for your own home as well as a gift for a friend who enjoys reading. Select books that have held up well to make the gift. Choose something your friend likes, such as lions, and place a ceramic one on top of the book stack. Or top the bookends off with a strand of pearls, a coffee cup candle or a squat vase of silk flowers.

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