How to Make Your Own Business Card

By Pauline Gill

  • Overview

    Today, business cards are colorful and creative. Some have pictures, backgrounds and fun fonts. These choices can enhance the business, hobby or interests an individual wishes to display and give to others. With online templates, no special software is necessary. Simply visit a Website. Choose a template. Begin to design a card that gives recipients all the information needed. The cost is minimal compared to professional printing companies.
    How to Make Your Own Business Card
    • Step 1

      Purchase business card sheets. Check out Staples, WalMart, or any office supply store for a package of at least ten sheets. There are ten cards per sheet, so ten sheets will make 100 cards. Avery is a smart choice since they have a wide assortment of templates online and work with other Websites. There is no need to have software for making business cards.
    • Step 2

      Choose the correct finish and color. Business card stock comes in matte, semi-gloss and glossy finish. Colors are white, cream or gray. Make sure the paper is for an Ink Jet printer, if that is the printer used to print the cards. Avery now has thicker card stock with no perforations. That means the cards have a more professional look.

    • Step 3

      Go to the Avery Website. Click "Find a Template." Enter the product number for your cards. For Avery cards, check the top right corner of the box. Once the product number is typed, click "Enter." A list of templates appears. Avery has blank templates and designed templates. Make your selection, then click "Download."
    • Step 4

      Open the template in the required program. Avery templates open in Microsoft Word, Adobe programs, Illustrator, and InDesign. Once opened, begin to enter information. If using a blank template, choose a font and insert pictures or graphics. If using a designed template, just enter the information in the correct areas of the card. When completed, place the business card stock into the printer. The card stock has arrows to feed the sheets correctly.
    • Step 5

      Check out other Websites. Business Card Land is a free online business card maker that supports Avery card paper. If you have Microsoft Office, go to Microsoft Office online for business card templates that support the software. Each template tells which version of Microsoft is necessary.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Warning:
    • Print the first copy on regular paper to make sure each card aligns correctly.

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