How to Make Your Own Business Cards for Free

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    Business cards provide a valuable tool for networking and marketing, and can even be used for social situations. Whenever you need someone to remember your name and contact information, a business card is a great tool. However, having business cards printed can be a burden, especially if you have frequently changing information. Costs can add up too since most printers require a minimum order of several hundred cards. But, you can print your own for free by following the instructions given here.
    • Step 1

      Buy quality business card paper. Nothing says cheap homemade business card like flimsy paper with perforation marks running around the edges. Purchase business card paper that has a smooth edge on the cards, not perforation. Also, ensure that the paper is heavy enough to not seem flimsy, at least 12 point or even 14 point paper. If you want your card's design to go all the way to the edge, you need to buy paper where there is space between the cards (usually 8 per sheet.)
    • Step 2

      Design your cards. Intricate designs with pinpoint precision can be created in desktop publishing programs like Adobe Pagemaker or Microsoft Publisher. For less detailed designs, a word processing program may be used. Only create color designs if you have access to a color printer.

    • Step 3

      Set your paper size at 2-by-3.5 inches for standard business card size. If your card will have graphics that run all the way to the edge, called bleeding, then set your margins to 2.125-by-3.625 inches and create your graphics so that they run to the edge of this size. That will produce an effect where the colors seem to run of the edge, or "bleed" off the edge of the business card.
    • Step 4

      Load your paper and print a single test sheet. Always print a single test sheet first to avoid wasting paper. What looks perfect on the screen may not be right when printed on paper.
    • Step 5

      Print your cards on your printer. If you have an inkjet printer, allow the cards some time to dry before separating them from the printed sheet.
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    • Computer
    • Printer
    • Tip: If you don't change the information on your cards very often, having cards printed by an online printing company can actually be cheaper than printing them yourself once you figure in the cost of ink, toner and paper.
    • Warning:
    • Do not use magnetic paper in a laser printer as this can permanently damage the printer.

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