Make Your Own Child Nap Mat For Daycare And Home

How to make a child's nap mat.

Here is a simple and easy way to make a nap mat for your child. The supplies needed may be found at any fabric shop or even at the larger Wal-mart stores.

To make this a project to share with your child take them with you when you purchase your supplies. Let him/her pick out the design on the fleece they would most like. You can find this material with all sorts of designs or solid colors. Everything from camo to care bears, Disney characters to sports items.

The fleece material is a very soft material and very durable. It is a warm and cozy, brushed finish and does not pill.

The batting is made so that it won't bunch up, is a warmer a snuggly alternative to a foam and won't cause you to be too hot. If you want to add a pillow or small blanket the mat is designed so that when made you can roll it up and tie it closed, just put the other items inside and roll them up with it.

The mat is machine washable in cold water, on delicate, with no bleach, and just tumble it dry on low.

Supplies needed:

batting (45''x60'')

4 yds fleece (2 pieces 2yards each)

matching thread


sewing machine


2" wide ribbon in matching color 48" long

name tag


1. Lay the 2 pieces of fleece on top of a table with outsides matching in .

2. Fold the batting length wise and lay on top of fleece.

3. Pin these all together.

4. Start at one corner and sew (on the machine) all the way around to the 2nd and 3rd corners stopping on the 3rd corner. Back stitch to keep from coming undone.

5. Now turn the mat inside out. (the batting should now be on the inside and the fleece should be right side out on both sides.

6. Fold fleece on one side over top of the batting into the pocket.

7. Lay ribbon about 2 inches into pocket and hand stitch ribbon onto inside of pocket.

8. Fold other side of fleece into pocket and pin together.

9. Hand stitch these two sides together stopping about 4 inches from end.

10. Hand stitch name tag onto inside of pocket so that most of it sticks out to see name.

11. Now finish stitching closed to end, by hand.

12. Now roll up and tie ribbon (by looping around itself).

If you want to add a permenant pillow just stich on a small pillow case to the end (that does not have the ribbon), sew on a couple snaps to keep the pillow from coming out and insert a small pillow. This way you can fold the pillow in and then roll it up to tie shut.

Off to Grandma's, school, or anywhere you need a to go. Take along the nap mat. All rolled up it's easy to carry around.

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