Make Your Own Coat Rack

Making your own coat rack is not as hard as it sounds. Just look around and see what kind of decor you have. Go from there!

When you are making your own coat rack the first thing that you need to do is survey your room, and look at your space and decorations. How many coats, hats, umbrellas, etc"¦ do you have to store?

Rustic Tree Limb Coat Rack:

If your décor is rustic or primitive then this coat rack is for you. Not only is it practically no cost (if any), but it is very simple to make yourself. The first thing that you need to do is find an awesome limb with many small limbs already on it. Then you will need to find a small log and get it cut in a half slice (the long way). Make sure that it is wide and long enough to hold the weight of your limb, and will balance what you are going to hang on it. You can either shellac the bark to seal it, or you can remove the bark entirely (it is your choice).

Go to the hardware store, and buy some double ended screws. Make sure the size and length is right for the base and limb. Drill a hole in the center of your limb, and the center of your base. Screw the limb into the base, and voila your rustic coat rack is ready to go. Hang the coats and hats on the smaller limbs that are sticking out from the base of the tree limb.

Western Theme Coat Rack:

If your décor is western then this coat rack is for you. First you need to get a few pieces of barn wood (3-4 feet long). If you can not find barn wood then knotty pine with routed edges, and a stain or paint job will do just fine. Buy some old horseshoes, and find some horseshoe tacks (at a feed store or western store). You can usually find horseshoes in antique stores, iron salvage yards, ranches, western or feed stores, riding schools, and on the internet.

Take your horseshoes to a welder, and have the welder lay one of the horseshoes down flat. Then have the welder take another horseshoe, and turn it up facing up at him or her (it should look like a U sticking up). Have him or her center the horseshoe, and weld it to the flat horseshoe, and when it is welded it will look like a hook. You can have them do as many hooks as you need done for your coat rack. Mount these hooks on your board, and place them on your wall. You can paint your hooks black, varnish the board, and add western décor to it or you can leave the board plain (it is up to you).

Birdhouse Coat Rack:

If you like birdhouses then try this easy coat rack. Get some small wood bird houses, and paint them to your specifications. Then you can put a screw in hook onto the birdhouse, and hang by a door for a hat, rain coat, or umbrella hanger.


Pretty much any flat surface you can hang on a wall, and add coat hooks to can become a coat rack. Whether it is country, rustic, or whatever your décor is your imagination is the key to any of these projects. The things that you choose to make your one of a kind piece can be classy, whimsical, or even contemporary. All you need to remember is to make it yours, and you will be happy. So get to planning and searching for those unique pieces, and have fun!

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