Make Your Own Decorative Throw Pillows

Make your own decorative throw pillows! The same pillow making techniques are used to decorate your home in any style adding function as well as style.

The same pillow making techniques are used to decorate your home in any style adding function as well as style. The embellishment ideas are what turns ordinary pillows into a extraordinary design accessory.


Ruffled chintz pillows or a dainty crocheted edge on a pillow sham are only a few of the many options you can use to turn basic sewing skills into decorating solutions. Pile checked quilted pillow tops high on top of a four poster bed or massed together on a cozy window seat to add warmth to a country decorated room.

If you are a more advance seamstress, piece a quilt square to be the focal point of your pillow top or embroider a floral pattern to set off a wicker chair.


For pillows that will accent a traditional home use tapestry fabrics or add tassels on the corners or center of your pillows. Rosettes can also be created from coordinating fabrics.


Ceramic or glass beading can be added to a basic pillow or paint a folk art pattern with fabric paints for a whimsical look. Design several pillows following the same theme to assemble a attractive pillow collage. Consider using fabrics that are bold and unusually exotic patterns.


Contemporary pillows might focus on fine tailored embellishments rather than flashy colors. Try making pillows that are large, European sized and cotton fabrics that will retain their starched, crisp look. Another fun way to achieve a contemporary pillow is to use specialty marking pens that are designed for use on textiles. Using a bold flowing cursive you can create "signature" pillow squares that mimic the popular designer originals by writing your own words, names or sayings. You could also trace the signatures of famous poets or historians by checking out their biography at the library and enlarge the signature to your desired size.


Although pillow can be sewn by hand, I suggest that you use a sewing machine to provide for stronger seams that can withstand tight stuffing. To make a basic pillow you don't need to be a good seamstress or have a background in sewing at all. You only need to be able to sew a straight line and remember to leave your needle in the down position to private on the corners. The basic tools you will need to sew your pillow include the following items:


Needle and Thread

Scissors or Rotary cutter

Tape Measure

Pillow Form


Embellishments as desired

Pillows can be made any shape from a 15" square which will fit most pillow forms or Bolster form rolled pillows or circles. Nomatter which style of pillow you like the basic way to make a pillow is the same simple process. You will simply take two identical fabric pieces and sew them right sides together. Sew all the way around but leave a 6-8" piece open to leave room to add your pillow form, down feathers or polyester filling.

Use a blind stitch with needle and thread to handstitch it closed or you could even pin the opening closed and sew it closed on the machine while adding fringe, lace or other embellishments to the outside bordered edge.

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