How To Make Your Own Homemade Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Create your own aromatherapy bath salts with these simple, inexpensive recipes.

When scents are inhaled, the olfactory nerves receive the molecules of the fragrance and deliver them to different glands in our brains, which bring about a physiological reaction. This reaction comes in the form of thoughts and memories that trigger emotional responses. Different scents bring about different emotional responses. In aromatherapy, specific scents are chosen and introduced in a relaxing manner in order to bring about desired responses.

Mixing aromatherapy with bath salts enables one to fully experience the benefits of particular scents in a relaxing comfortable bath. Unfortunately, many store bought bath salts are riddled with chemicals and preservatives that can be harmful to the skin. Making your own bath salts is easy, will save you money and give you the security of knowing that there are no harmful ingredients touching your skin.

In order to create your own aromatherapy bath salts, you will need to create a base recipe, to which you can add your own aromatherapy ingredients. A simple base recipe can be created by mixing 3 parts epsom salts, 2 parts sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and 1 part rock crystal salt or sea salt.

Simply measure out portions in a large bowl and mix with your hands or a large spoon.Then you are ready to add your own scents and colors. If you plan to make several different scented bath salts, you can create the base in bulk and divide the recipe, then add your other ingredients.

Fragrance oils are the best choice for mixing with bath salts. Essential oils are more expensive, and some concentrated oils can be irritating on the skin. Fragrance oils are gentler on the skin and much less expensive that pure essential oils. Add oils to your base mix a few drops at a time as you mix them in to distribute them well, until the scent is fairly strong. You want the scent strong because it will be diluted in the bath water. However, if you feel you have overdone it and the scent is too overpowering, simply add some more of the base mixture to reduce the strength of the scent.

Adding colors is a good idea as well. For one thing, it looks nice, especially if you are going to be leaving your salts out on a bathroom shelf or giving them away as gifts. On a more practical level, however, by making different bath salts different shades of color, you will be less likely to mix them up. Color can be added with food dyes, but a better choice is cosmetic grade coloring found in the soap making section of craft stores. Too much food dye can discolor some white porcelain tubs, whereas cosmetic grade colorings do not. If you are going to mix colors to create secondary or tertiary colors, do so in a small bowl before adding it to your bath salts, lest you will end up with two-tone salt instead of an even shade. Like fragrance oils, add colors by the drop while mixing until you are satisfied with the result.

Store your bath salts in mason jars or plastic food storage containers with good covers. Don't funnel them into tapered or narrow-mouth jars. If they should harden it will be near impossible to get the salt out. Large jars or containers will also make it easier to scoop out and measure salts. For one bath, 1/4 to ½ cup of salt should suffice.

It is fun to experiment with mixing your favorite scents and colors into your base mix. Here are some great recipes to start you off:

CITRUS BLAST- has an uplifting, energizing affect.

Mix 2 parts orange oil to 1 part lemon oil and add to base. Tint with an orange or yellow colorant.

LAVENDER MIST- for relaxation, or for healing from sadness or depression.

Mix 3 parts lavender oil to 1 part thyme oil and 1 part sage oil, then add to base. Tint with purple colorant.

SPICE OF HEAVEN- brings out sensuality; great for use before (or during) a romantic encounter.

Mix 1 part cinnamon oil to ½ part cardomon oil and ½ part pachouli oil. Tint with red colorant.

VANILLA TWIST- try for a rejuvenating stress reducer.

Mix 2 parts vanilla oil to one part bergamot oil. Leave colorless, or mix with a light tint of yellow.

BRAIN ENHANCER- it won't make you smarter, but it is known to stimulate the intellect. Try before taking a test or an important meeting at work.

Mix 3 parts rosemary oil to 1 part dittany-of-crete oil and 1 part lemon oil. Mix with an orange colorant (the color orange also stimulates the intellect).

FRUIT SALAD- Nothing is sweeter for a quick pick-me-up

Mix 2 parts strawberry oil, 1 part melon oil and 1 part kiwi oil. Tint pink or green.

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