Make Your Own Homemade Cheap Wedding Invitations

Can't afford to pay the printer for your fancy wedding invitations? Here are some ideas to help you design your own homemade wedding invitations for a lot less money.

A color printer and scanner are great additions to any bride-to-be's toolkit.Throw in a digital camera and a photo enhancing and graphics software package and creating your own homemade wedding invitations is a snap!

Creating your own invitation can mean getting more for your money.Using a conventional printing company it may cost extra if you choose a photo printed on vellum as the cover of your invitation but you may be able to afford it if you make yours happen at home.


Your invitation is only limited to your imagination.Here are some ideas to get that invitation in motion.

1. Start by shopping.Visit a printer or two to see what you might purchase if you could afford to have someone else do the work and then create your own, making changes as you want.

2. Consider preprinted stationery that already has embellishments.Add your own text and an extra element like pressed flowers, ribbon, an attached charm, or even a CD of poetry or a song that has meaning for your day.

3. Print a photo or a poem on vellum and attach it as a cover page or use it as an insert to the invitation.

4. Use a color you have chosen for the wedding ceremony to accent the invitation.

5. Color copying is a great option if you do not have a color printer at home.

6. Check out your local art store for specialty papers and handmade papers.Print the wording of your invitation on vellum and attach it to the inside of the handmade paper with a ribbon or a charm.

7. Research what is popular or what others have done and put your own personal twist on it.

8. Consider a different shape or size to your invitations but make sure there is an envelope that can be used with what you create.Adjust the size of the invitation to fit inside an appropriate sized envelope.


This is a special occasion and formality is the name of the game.Even if you are planning a very casual wedding, the invitation should still be formal in its pronouncement.Not only does it lend an air of dignity to the proceedings but it also elevates the commitment you are both making in the eyes of the recipients.Your invitations should reflect your commitment to each other.Follow these simple rules when writing the text of your invitation.

1. Use full names, no nicknames.

2. Do not abbreviate dates, addresses or times.

3. Use formal courtesy titles where they are appropriate (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.)

4. Locate formally written wedding invitations for ideas and formats for your own invitation.

5. Decide how you want your invited guests to respond.Most formal invitations include a request for RSVP as well as a preprinted RSVP card and a stamped return envelope that is pre-addressed.


1. Simplicity is elegant so keep it simple.It is easy to get carried away and you do not want to confuse your guests.So control yourself when it comes to adding trinkets and embellishments to your invitation.

2. Give your self plenty of time.Do not wait until the last minute to create your invitation.This is how disasters can occur.

3. Test your ideas by making a sample invitation.A sample will help you catch any flaws in your design.

4. Enlist the help of family and close friends to assemble your invitations.

5. Buy the paper and envelopes in bulk from a discounted paper store.

6. Know how much the invitations will cost to create before you dive in.This is vital if you are on a budget.

7. Plan your invitation carefully.It is the first information your guests will receive about the style and tone of the wedding you are creating.

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