Make Your Own Mailbox

Is your mailbox boring, or has it seen better days? Learn how to make your own by reading thisinformative article!

You probably already have a mailbox erected along the road outside your house. Or, maybe you have a mailbox attached to the front of your house. Whichever you have, if you're thinking about making your own mail receptacle, then you must not be happy with the one you have. People often build their own mailboxes for three main reasons: (1) they want to express their creativity; (2) they want a vandal proof box that will withstand abuse as well as weather conditions; (3) they want to design their own mailbox that will fit their needs. Of course, the perfect mailbox for you will probably be a combination of the three reasons. The United States Postal Service (USPS) allows homemade mail receptacles as long as they are designed to be useable. And, they can't cause undue problems for your carrier to deliver your mail.

To start making your receptacle, you must first decide how large you want it to be. One that measures about twenty inches long, is twelve inches wide, and ten inches high is a nice sized rural box. Not only will it hold a ton of first class mail, but it can also accommodate magazines, catalogs, and small to medium sized packages.

If you're making a mailbox to hang on the front of your house, of course, the measurements must stay to a minimum.

The next step is to decide what material you want to use. You can use durable steel or iron material, but, unless you are adept at using a cutting torch and a welder, wood will probably be your best choice.

And, the best wood will be a hardwood that's treated. Treated wood not only resists rotting, but it's pretty strong too. It will hold up for years to come as long as you paint it or treat it with a polyurethane product on a periodic basis.

You can either use galvanized wood screws or nails to put your mail receptacle together with.

Your mailbox will be constructed of a top, a bottom, and sides. It will also need a back and a hinged door in the front. The door will need a handle and a catch too. You will also need to make a flag out of thinner wood and attach it to the side. The flag should be painted red so that it's easily visible to your mail carrier.

Now that your mailbox is basically built, this is where the real creativity part comes in. You can paint or otherwise decorate it however you wish. If you like horses, dogs, cats, or cows, for example, you may choose to paint them on the sides of the box. If you want, you can paint the entire box to resemble a barnyard scene complete with cows and other animals.

If you're not too artistic, you can use stencils to trace, then paint, the items you want to use.

Or, you may choose to turn your mailbox into a structure that resembles an actual barn. Or, maybe you want it to look like your house. Just add a wood or tin pitched roof, painted on windows and doors, and some other touches, and you'll have a smaller model to erect beside the road.

As a final touch, it would be a good idea to place your address on the side of your new mailbox. It not only allows your house number to be seen by your mail carrier, but it can also help rescue personnel find your home in case of an emergency.

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