Make Your Own Oil Infusions

After you make your own essential oil infusions, you can use it to make other things, like your own customized perfume.

Health food stores and specialty supermarkets carry infused oil in small vials. When buying infused oil, it is prudent to check to see if what you have in your hand is pure infused oil and not one that is diluted. Sometimes it is hard to find the infused oil you want and have to special order it. Infused oil is a little pricey to begin with and if you have to special order it, the price goes even higher.

Infused oils are always mixed with carriers which are oils that are mild and have no scent. This is because using infused oil at full strength can irritate your skin.

Making your own infused oil at home is not hard, just have to have some patience. You can use any herb or flowers to make infused oils, it just depends on your preference. Let's say for the purpose of this project, you want to make mint infused oil. ( If you are using flowers, do not use petals that have been sprayed with pesticides, i.e., flowers from florists.)

What you need:

Organically grown mint

A clean jar with a lid

Carrier oil: Sweet almond, jojoba, safflower (pick one)

The amount of mint you need will depend on the size of your clean jar. You will need a fresh batch of leaves everyday for the next week.

1. Crush the mint leaves with your hands and pack them loosely into the jar.

2. Pour the oil into the jar and fill it to cover the leaves. Cover tightly and set aside in a warm place.

3. Next day, strain the oil off the leaves and crush a new batch of leaves. Pack into the same jar with the strained oil. Top off with new oil, close the jar and set aside in a warm place for a day.

4. Repeat step three for the next five days. On the last day, pour into smaller bottles and label them carefully and refrigerate to extend its shelf life.

You can make your own perfume by adding about 15 drops of essential oil into a ½ ounce of vodka or Evercleer. Another thing you can do is to add 30 drops of infused oil to 8 ounces of your body lotion (unscented).

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