Make Your Own Personalized Hair Accesories

Make your own, personalized hair accesories with these simple directions.

It always seems that it's the most important event of the year when you can't find just the right hair clip or barrette. Well, why not make your own? It can be done to coordinate with any outfit in your closet or just to match your fun personality.

We'll begin with the smallest hair decorations: bobby pins. You can buy packs of them for a pretty low price. Just get the plain black ones and dress them up later. You will find that one of the best ways to decorate hair clips is nail polish. It comes in dozens of colors and dries quickly so you can do last minute changes.

Try painting stripes on. Use sparkly or metallic polish for interesting effects. Then you can also add tiny rhinestones, available at your local craft store, while the polish is still wet. Hold the stones in place until the polish dries around them. You may need to reapply them at a later date. Tiny glass beads can also be used for an interesting effect.

The larger clips that bend to snap into your hair will not take beads and rhinestones very well. They will tend to fall off due to the flexing of the clip, but you have lots of room for painting on designs! Use a toothpick to help you make tiny designs on the clip. You can do zebra stripes, polka dots and letters on these. Let your imagination run wild.

Now we come to the large hair barrettes. These are the metal ones that have a spring clip at the bottom. You can buy packages of them at the local craft store. These are lots of fun to decorate!

For kids, you can buy a package of tiny balloons, the little water balloon types. Using a long piece of thread, tie the balloons together at the necks (don't blow them up!) until you have a bunch that will cover the metal part of the barrette when held over it. Take out your trusty glue gun and glue the balloons to the barrette. The end result is a very colorful hair clip that children will adore.

Another fun idea for kids, and one they can do themselves, is a pom-pom barrette. Grab an assortment from your local craft store and help your children glue the fluffy balls together to make animals or even just one long row. Add googly eyes and glue to the barrette. The soft pom-poms won't catch in their hair and they will be proud to wear their very own creation!

Do you have lots of puzzles with missing pieces? Here's the perfect use for them! Paint the pieces in fun colors and allow them to dry. you only need to do one side. Once the pieces are all dry, glue them onto the barrette. You will need to layer them to hide the metal completely. These do have a tendancy to catch in the hair if you leave the pokey bits out, so try to arrange the puzzle pieces so the outer edges are mostly flat.

You can also cut out a rectangle or oval from cardboard that will cover the metal and use that as a base for your designs. You can try painting a picture or design onto the base before gluing it to the barrette, or you can use other objects as a decoration.

Some great ideas are fancy napkins, tissue paper, stamps, or stickers. For napkins and tissue paper, tear them into small bits and paste them to the base, using white school glue. Paint the glue over top of the finished product for a glossy, clear protective finish.

You will surely think of other ideas as you work. Look around for interesting items that could be incorporated into a barrette and go nuts.

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